88 Photos - Dec 23, 2012
Photo: Photo: Day 47 (should be Friday) is as current as it gets, as it was taken on Friday!  :)  Th e final, and lesser of the objects from this session.  It rounds out 1 more Messier object for my quest of a complete set.  It is one of the 'Anemic Galaxies' from my previous post.Photo: Messier 100 everyone!
This is from exactly 1 week ago and a nice ~1hr soak of light from 55Million LY away.  A nice looking spiral for a change and the Coup de grâce of the night and month of DSO observing so far, perhaps best since I got +Akule 
I do hope to do much better and have learned a lot about proper ISO, exposures  guiding with an OAG, etc.
I really need to get a good 2-3 hrs of light on one subject but in my quest for a complete messier list, I skip around too much.  I hope to get complete stats on my messier progress, but I'm assuming to be well more than halfway between this scope and the previous 6" schmidt-newt.
Here is the last 'current' image and your 1-a-day spring cleaning image day 54!!Photo: Photo: Abell 262Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: M31, the Andromeda Galaxy is a hard subject as it's core is bright and edges faint.  On top of the difficulties in balancing the bright and dim portions it's angular size is HUGE.  I used a 200mm lens at f/4 on my Canon 7D (DSLR) and Magic Lantern to acquire almost 4 hours of 2min subs the other night.  Here's a result I'm quite happy with.  In this album you can see the previous work with a different 200mm lens and older Canon XTi on the same mount.
Upcoming are M45, the Orion belt/nebula area and a few Jupiter shots!  Now off to more processing!Photo: A wonderfully rich field of M49 is Wednesday's Day 52 spring cleaning of the hard drive and another current #VSP  image.  This was a nice image as I spent the pre-party portion of the show soaking in 31 x 60s unguided shots.  I count a good dozen or so galaxies here and am happy with this shot as a half-planned session.
oh and i'm back on pace at 1 a day and ready to tackle the remaining 2 current ones before hitting the really old ones this weekend!Photo: Photo: Day 51 of my spring cleaning of the hard drive is the 3rd from this week's #VSP   and a tiny galaxy that is a part of my growing, but not yet complete Messier collection.Photo: Day53 rounds out the VSP images.  This was not taken during the VSP but after the show ended.  Not a great shot at 18minutes, but the main galaxy, M60 is the brightest and is visually overlapping a tiny spiral just above!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I'm not super happy with the way this one came out, but it's something.  I tried for color but the RGB subs are not long enough and didn't add anything but a yellow hue.  The L had several subs that lost tracking.  All in all it's a work in progress but I like galaxies and thought I'd share.Photo: Photo: Resharing an old photo from the winter, when the skies were clear!  :P  Just so happens it was not in the album properly for me to tag my messier list - http://maphilli14.webs.com/mikesdeepskyphotos.htm
i'm still a few short for a full and complete list.Photo: Photo: I had a spot of good weather once this spring in mid-late May and I may not have known it but was working this backlog of images and I think I might be caught up.  I have some reprocess work to do on a previous Saturn.
In the meantime, here's the Southern Pinwheel, M83.  It's very low for me and I had to wait until it cleared the trees, shoot for ~45-50min before hitting the trees again.  This is a great galaxy but needs more time and a better camera, the 7D is too noisy!
Enjoy!Photo: Photo: Photo: and the last DSO with the old computer, M85, unguided and a terrible mess of noise and no SNR...
NEXT!Photo: Day49's spring cleaning, which was posted 'on time' this past Sunday was actually taken during the +Virtual Star Party   While watching the replay, I realized that the live views were dim and wholly uninteresting.  I intend to up that game.   In the meantime, here's M87, brightest radio sources in the sky.  You heard that +Nicole Gugliucci ??Photo: On to some recent work, here's M88 from a mere 3 weeks ago.  I had still been fighting some computer issues (Win7 BSOD) when this was taken and as such I only got 26minutes total time.  :(
Another for the messier collection and no to the next!Photo: Day 50 was yesterdays image and another from the VSP this past Sunday.  It's much smaller than M87 and only 2 of the unguided subs stacked.  I was happy to get the 4 targets I did during the VSP and 1 more after.  Now only 1 day behind in my catchup for spring cleaning.Photo: Photo: Photo: And I day 16, he posted something current!
So I nabbed this one last night!  I wished the clouds stayed away for the VSP on Sunday, but they didn't.  And all day Monday was nice, but then around 10, the clouds came back limiting me to only 12 subs of 2min each.  Using ISO400 this time with proper flats and darks, I got a NICE even image.  The seeing, focus, and collimation contributed to a good amount of star bloat, but I like this!Photo: Day 48 (should be Saturday's) and I sigh as I fall behind in my catch up!
Here's a redo of M95 & M96,  now with  a meager 20 minutes over 3 nights.  I had more but I lapsed and let the focus go soft and they didn't stack properly.  This was from Friday and the 2nd of 3 targets, with the next one, M100 will be Sunday's image (I know it's Monday!)Photo: Spring cleaning marches on for day 42.  I was really hoping to get more than 14mintues on this nice pair of galaxies.  I really worked hard to get the subjects framed nicely AND get a guide star for the OAG.  I am posting in the off chance the weather doesn't improve before the torrents of tree pollen start.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: annnd.. M102!
Guiding was a bit tricky but I'm pretty happy with this 42min integration time...
NEXT!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Day 24 brings you more recent work, from last Friday and the coup de gracias for that session.  I had an extra 30minutes on top of this 1hr, but it was 5minute subs and didn't take as well to stacking in #DeepSkyStacker  for some reason.  Either the darks or mismatch, or groups or user error?!
Enjoy an early one today!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A day late for day 27 of backlogs is another recent.  I go through the pain of setup and always intend to grab as much data as I can.  I had planned a long session on M95 & M96 together in the same frame.  Before finishing the night on that I tried for NGC2903, a nice and somewhat large galaxy near Leo's head.  I had a happy mistake and found this nearby galaxy, NGC2916 instead.  I only found it wasn't the galaxy I wanted today when plate solving it in Astrobin.  So, I was close as NGC2903 would have been in the same frame, but alas the clouds stole the night from me!  :(
One more for today means my catchup will be caught up!  :)Photo: Day 13, I am still ashamed to post the ISO 6400 mistakes, but after some serious hitting with a Photoshop hammer this one came out almost respectable.
Also, I looked in my logs and this would have been in the +Virtual Star Party if I saw the invite in time!  :)
I may double up again today and post a pre Venus transit group of sunspots tonight!Photo: Photo: Making the most of the lousy weather I found this decent capture of NGC 7331 and the Deer Lick cluster laying around unprocessed.  It's an LRGB and mostly just some testing from back in September.
Full res is here (http://www.astrobin.com/full/59928/?real=&mod=none)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: My best to date and only just over 1 hourPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I'm not FULLY happy with this, but it's a personal best of 7hrs on 3 nights! Photo: This view is not the full resolution, (Imgur has that one for me here = http://i.imgur.com/L6xQ2FX.jpg )
I LOVE this galaxy, it's perhaps my new favorite deep sky object.  I wish it fit into my field of view but I might want to shot again as a mosaic set of tiles.  Do click on the high res view and look for the nebula, NGC
Here's a link to the overlay to help locate some nebula in another galaxy! (http://www.starkeeper.it/img/M33_Mapped.png)
Finally, I had some Ha data to help bring out the HII regions that appear red, but they were not adding much to the final result, so I omitted it.
Thanks for reading!

#astronomy   #astrophotography   #galaxy   #messier  Photo: Did I mention how much I love galaxies?!

NGC 925

#astronomy   #galaxy   #astrophotography  Photo: M51 the Whirlpool galaxy in mono with no filter.  I took a break from taking Jupiter pictures because of the bad seeing.  Setup and went indoors to escape the unseasonably cold weather to play video games.Photo: Believe it or not I'm still sitting on images I took in December.  This one was a consolation prize for having Jupiter in the trees when I woke up at 5am.  I couldn't shoot before dawn broke when Jupiter would have cleared the branch so shot this instead and came back to bed for 2 more hours.  The tracking worked well into dawn but the images are washed out.  Here's a LRsGB image (synthGreen)Photo: A strange galactic halo NGC2859 from my driveway, shot back in November '14Photo: Photo: More oldies from last winter... I love face on galaxies!!!Photo: A small sample, only 35m of a tiny galaxy IC 10.  IC 10 is very strange indeed, and I'll simply quote from wikipedia...

"IC 10 is an irregular galaxy in the constellation Cassiopeia. It was discovered by Lewis Swift in 1887.[3] Nicholas Mayall was the first to suggest that the object is extragalactic in 1935. Edwin Hubble suspected it might belong to the Local Group of galaxies, but its status remained uncertain for decades. The radial velocity of IC 10 was measured in 1962, and it was found to be approaching the Milky Way at approximately 350 km/s, strengthening the evidence for its membership in the Local Group.[3] Its membership in the group was finally confirmed in 1996 by direct measurements of its distance based on observations of Cepheids. Despite its closeness, the galaxy is rather difficult to study because it lies near the plane of the Milky Way and is therefore heavily obscured by interstellar matter.[4]"


#Space   #Astronomy  Photo: Part of a new blog post I'm working on.... NGC 173Photo: Photo: I have to admit I'm quite surprised how well this tiny galaxy, NGC157 came out at 9x5m=45mPhoto: A photo I took from my house of a nice galaxy, NGC7606.  Shot over three nights it encompasses 2.5 hours of images.Photo: Some oldies from back in the fall... M77 with a faint halo even at only 35minPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: