24 Photos - Apr 24, 2015
Photo: Nathan all geared up and ready to go!Photo: John and Ryan discuss the best route down.Photo: Paul heads down to the first bench on the East Wall.Photo: Nathan gives a thumbs-up as head starts his first repel.Photo: Collecting some data at the first bench.Photo: John getting an up close look at some of the geologic features.Photo: Paul smiles for the camera while taking some strike and dip measurements.Photo: New friend comes out to see what is going on.Photo: John directing his crew.Photo: David repelling down to a lower bench.Photo: David repelling down to a lower bench.Photo: Paul makes it to the bottom of the East Wall.Photo: Photo: Paul and Nathan taking some measurements.Photo: Paul, Nathan, and David taking some measurements.Photo: David, Paul, Nathan, and Ryan inspect the edge of the frozen lake.Photo: David climbing back out.Photo: John gets started on his final ascent.Photo: Tim is almost to the top.Photo: Rewarded with a gorgeous sunset over the project site and City of Virginia.Photo: Nathan, Paul, and David prepare to tackle the West Wall.Photo: David, Nathan, Ryan, and Paul going over the edge of the West Wall.Photo: Almost to the bottomPhoto: Just hanging out collecting some data.