28 Photos - May 19, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Difference Engine replica. This is a non-functional replica.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bob shows off an antique dividing machine (pre-dating Babbage).Photo: A restored DEC PDP-8.Photo: Photo: The DEC PDP-8.Photo: Inside the PDP-8.Photo: Not just computer replicas.Photo: The working prototype Difference Engine.Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Bob Moran working the Difference Engine prototype.Photo: I got to crank it too!Photo: An Edison phonograph.Photo: A "laptop computer" for calculating missile trajectories.Photo: An Osborne, a very early "portable" computer.Photo: Three generations of floppy disks.Photo: An ancient magnetic disk.Photo: An original IBM-PC.Photo: An original PDP-7.Photo: Photo: Inside the PDP-7.Photo: Inside the PDP-7.