404 Photos - Mar 5, 2008
Photo: Lavi had such a big smile throughout the massage, no words could express his pleasure!Photo: Odin, a Caucasian Ovcharka, relaxes throughout his massage, with the occasional head lift and yawn.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Frankie, a Yellow Lab, was very excited to get on the bed and enjoy her massage.Photo: Lady, a lovely Border Collie, completely relaxed for her massage, enjoying every moment. She was hit by a car, had FHO surgery (Femoral Head Ostectomy) causing muscle compensation creating muscle tension. She is a wonderful massage client.Photo: Kodiak, an Alaskan Malamute, enjoys discussing the days events and has a very vocal conversation throughout his massage.Photo: Photo: Photo: Myles, a Jack Russell - Fox Terrier, explodes with excitement when he sees me walking in the door with my canine massage bed. He's a fan! He is missing two lumbar vertebrae and plays like there's no tomorrow, sometimes walking on only his front legs. He is an excellent massage candidate.Photo: Talikser smiling after a days hike - he has a massage to look forward to!Photo: Zura, a shy and loving massage client, is a Husky mix. She enjoys the quiet time and relaxes throughout the session.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tiki, a Blue heeler/Husky mix relaxes after her mom, the canine massage therapist, concludes her day's sessions.Photo: Tiki at Agility Training off 75th St. Beginner classes start often, are limited to six students, and are a total blast! Check out - www.4TheLuvOfDogz.comPhoto: Deb during class at the Boulder College of Massage, Canine Certifcation program.Photo: Border Collies love massage!Photo: Odin is an expert in canine massages and is thrilled when he walks into the massage room for his session.Photo: Peekay, a Labrador Retriever, felt right at home and had no desire to leave the massage bed after his 45 minute session.Photo: Roo, a shy puppy, enjoys her first massage and is looking forward to more!Photo: Photo: Tiny, an American Eskimo rescue, readily accepted massage after the first session and her human companions were amazed at how well she responded. She had her right leg amputated, is blind due to cataracts, experiences migranes and occasional nausea from her myasthenia. She is a lovely massage client.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kayne took right to the bed and was ready for his massage. At 10 months, he was comfortable with touch and having a full body massage. All smiles!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I couldn't be any more relaxed!Photo: Zura smiles every time she see's me. :-)Photo: Oli knew exactly where to go for his massage; onto the massage bed and into a comfortable position.  He relaxed and caught some shut eye during his session.Photo: Sooo sleepy, do I have to roll over to the other side?Photo: Photo: Photo: Tiki & TaliskerPhoto: Yogi is a 12 year old lab chow mix who underwent amputation of his front right leg due to Osteosarcoma on 3/25/08. He is improving at an astonishing rate, now leaping to answer the front door with excitement and vim 'n vigor. Truly a great inspiration.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Smiles all around!Photo: Walters Birthday Massage was a huge success! Excited and eager, he laid on the bed awaiting his 1 year old Birthday treat. He had a great time and was a model client.Photo: Photo: Walter enjoying his salmon birthday cake, candle &all!Photo: Tarka, a 4 year old Chessie/Lab, was diagnosed with Epilepsy and Richard made an appointment with me immediately after seeing the Vet. I massaged Tarka, working her lymph system and relaxing her hypertonic muscles, a common result from seizures. She's a happy camper now!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kodiak, one of my most vocal patients, didn't even head for the front door; but right for the massage room!  He was ready for his session and talked to me till he started to fall asleep.Photo: Photo: Photo: Sage was very excited for her session, hopping right onto the bed, awaiting her massage.  She was more vocal, talking in low moans as I relaxed her.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Do I have to get up?!Photo: Yogi raises his head and wonders where I'm going after his massage. He's recovering wonderfully, compensating for the loss of his leg and acclimating well.Photo: Photo: Deja is 15 years old with osteoarthritis and recieved his first massage today. He responded well and even gave me leg - the one he wanted massaged the most!Photo: Photo: Bringing Oli from Doggy Daycare, he led me into the massage room, hopped on the bed, and was ready for his session!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Yogi was happy and relaxed as Deb finished his massage session.Photo: Photo: Cookie received her first canine massage today!  She is 10 years young and had surgery on her luxating patella.  Cookie enjoyed herself, and relaxed during her massage session at Broadway Animal Hospital.Photo: Photo: Photo: Oli settles in, awaiting his morning massage.Photo: As the session begins, Oli can't help but almost fall asleep.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Oh, say you're not done!Photo: Yogi is recovering awesome, loving his Wednesday sessions!Photo: Photo: Deb and friends at the 1st Annual 
Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue Doggie Dash in LouisvillePhoto: A puppies first massagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Not a care in the world!Photo: Wohoo, it's massage time!Photo: I'm sooo relaxed.Photo: Photo: Just a little more, please?Photo: Cheyenne, a 10 month old puppy receiving her first massage.Photo: And clearly loving it!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Zoe is an 8 year young Golden recovering from amputation of her front left leg due to a rare form of cancer.Photo: Photo: Photo: Zoe's best buddy.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mr.Bigg, a Chihuahua mix, enjoying his first massage on his last day stay at Broadway.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I'm so relaxed I can't keep my tongue in my mouth...Photo: Photo: Photo: Ellie, a 16 week old Mini Schnauzer, enjoying her first massage.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ellie and Ashish, happy campers after the session.Photo: Photo: Yogi is recovering fabulously after his surgery!  He's a champ!Photo: Photo: Photo: Oli settles in for his massage session, relaxed and all smiles!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Zoe relaxes after her sessionPhoto: With a big smile on her face!Photo: Photo: Photo: Oh no, my massage session is over!Photo: Can you say "Ma..."Photo: "...assage"Photo: Bailey, a 6 month old lab/collie mix, loved her 1st massage & was upset when I left!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Zoe wagged her butt off when I arrived, clearly excited about receiving her massage!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lucy, a 13 yr young Golden, relaxed, sighed and completely enjoyed her 1st massage.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dan, Lucy's companion, is happy she enjoyed her massage.Photo: Photo: Kirby enjoying his first massage after performing a cork screw twist and tweeking his lower back muscles.Photo: Photo: Zoe licking her lips after enjoying Deb's tasty treat before her massage.Photo: Photo: Zoe so relaxed after her massage.Photo: Photo: Zoe Poracro
May 2, 1999 - June 21, 2008        
It is with greatest sympathy I write that Zoe, after a long battle with neurological disease, parted with her wonderful zeal for life yesterday.  May she follow the path to Rainbow Bridge and join our others.Photo: Yogi relaxes, enjoying his massage session.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mr. Bigg relaxing on the massage bed, ready for his session.Photo: Photo: Ohhh, it's soo good!Photo: Photo: Photo: Kisses is ready to go after her massage session!Photo: Oli is all smiles during his massage.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kisses relaxing after her massage second massage, hiding behind her greenie.Photo: Mieko, a 3 yr old, Aussie, loved his first massage!Photo: Immediately spreading the word of how good his massage was to his friends.Photo: Photo: Kisses is ready for action after her massage!Photo: Yogi is ready for his session, looking up with anticipation!Photo: Photo: Photo: Kisses enjoys her July 4th massage, but doesn't like getting her picture taken!Photo: Check out Beepie at:  http://home.comcast.net/~whirlwindgraphics/wsb/html/view.cgi-photos.html-.htmlPhoto: Kisses jumping around after her massage!Photo: Yogi relaxing after his massagePhoto: So happy!Photo: Maddie inspecting my canine massage bag after her massage.Photo: Copper was ready for his massage!Photo: Copper enjoying his massage.Photo: Oh, say the sessions not finished!Photo: Stella's first massage, hmmmm.
Stella, diagnosed with osteoscarcoma, has had a toe removed but the cancer continues.  She is 4 years old.Photo: You want me to roll over, ok!Photo: Yes, the other side please.Photo: You have no idea how good this feels.Photo: Can I get any more relaxed?Photo: Please?Photo: Watson's first massage was so awesome, you see that smile!Photo: Photo: It's soo good.Photo: Soo relaxed.Photo: I can't hold my head up.Photo: Oh Yeah!Photo: I'm ready for action now!Photo: Photo: Oli always loves the ear massage!Photo: Yogi ready to run after his massage.Photo: Photo: Photo: Eli couldn't stop smiling during his first massage!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kisses eagerly greeting me at her door, ready for her massage.Photo: Photo: Oli is all smiles after his massagePhoto: Monte relaxes after his sessionPhoto: Beepie is ready to roll!Photo: Happily jumping up onto the couchPhoto: Photo: Deb at Dapper Dog Day Spa in NiwotPhoto: Photo: Yogi enjoying his outside, on the grass massage.Photo: All smiles!Photo: Photo: Oli, what a happy camper!Photo: Buddy, all smiles after his massage.Photo: Photo: Juliet wondering why I stopped to take her picture after her massage.Photo: Photo: There has to be something delicious in here!Photo: Don't go!!Photo: So sleepy nowPhoto: Beepie ready to go after his massage!Photo: Kisses finally let me take her picture!Photo: Photo: Penny Lane not too sure about the camera, but loved her massage!Photo: Ernest decided the box was where he wanted his massage.  Ernest was hit by a car, loosing the use of both rear legs a year ago.  He is doing awesome and has a great zest for life!Photo: After his massage, he looks lovingly at DebPhoto: Photo: Come on, give me a hug!Photo: Colvin, a 7 yr yound Golden, is recovering from Lymphoma, currently going through Chemotherapy.Photo: This was her first massage.Photo: And as you can see she was...Photo: Photo: Note the droopy lip, even dogs barking in the background didn't phase Colvin!Photo: NaJee was a little unsure of his first massage session, until I went to leave!Photo: Then he asked where I was going!Photo: Kisses, all smiles after her massage.Photo: Yogi finding zen prior to his session outdoors.Photo: Photo: Photo: Beepie wanted more massage!Photo: Oli loving his massagePhoto: Photo: Kisses with a big smile after her sessionPhoto: Beepie ready to rockPhoto: Kisses hopping with happiness, bounced right up on the couch after her sessionPhoto: NaJee howling with delightPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Casey couldn't move a muscle she was so relaxed!Photo: Photo: Photo: Kisses grinning after her sessionPhoto: Rosy enjoying her first massage, she's a real natural!Photo: Tricia & Yogi, all smilesPhoto: Yogi was outside for his last session.
Yogi Stahr,
October 1995 to November 2008Photo: Jax is recovering from TPLO surgery and enjoyed his first session, talking about some of the areas which bothered him.Photo: Beepie was up and ready to go after his massagePhoto: Beepie's sister was wondering where her massage was!Photo: All smiles after his session.Photo: Talking up a storm about how good it was!Photo: Kisses greeting me at the door to begin her sessionPhoto: She's very happy and ready to playPhoto: Don & Tessie are all smiles after Tessie received her first massagePhoto: He's howling happy!Photo: NaJee is ready to go after his massagePhoto: Kisses after her session, very relaxedPhoto: NaJee enjoying his massage.Photo: Another satisfied client.Photo: Photo: Kisses ready to run after her massagePhoto: Casey couldn't get any more relaxed.Photo: Photo: NaJee was all smiles after his massage.Photo: Photo: NaJee exploring my coat smells before his session.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Oli enjoying his holiday massagePhoto: Photo: NaJee all smiles after his massagePhoto: Oli giving pre-massage kissesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kisses enjoyed Deb's treats after her massagePhoto: Photo: Tika was so relaxed after her massage, her tounge went crazy!Photo: You're not leaving, are you?Photo: Photo: Tie dye was very relaxed after her massagePhoto: Not wanting me to go!Photo: Casey smiled, asking to play morePhoto: Then, Casey relaxed after her massagePhoto: Tie Dye wanted more massagePhoto: Oli is all smilesPhoto: No, she's not done is she!Photo: Bogart was sooo relaxed after his first session...Photo: He didn't get up to say byePhoto: Taxi was unsure in why he was in this room in the beginning, but quickly relaxed.Photo: Enjoying his massagePhoto: Not wanting it to stop!Photo: Kisses energized after her massage!Photo: Photo: Forrest, a 10 month St. Bernard, enjoyed his first massage session at PC Pantry's!Photo: Photo: Taxi was so excited to receive his massage, he gave me 'paw' and just couldn't get over how lucky he is!Photo: He was sooo relaxed after his session, he didn't want to leave.Photo: Beepie was feeling much better after his massage, and even let me massage his rear legs which have been bothering him.Photo: Oli, loving his massage (and treats)!Photo: Taxi is soo relaxedPhoto: He can barely keep his eye's openPhoto: Giving me 'paw.'Photo: Q was a little unsure of his first massage;Photo: But was very relaxed afterwards.Photo: Lena, shy and loving, was also a little unsurePhoto: But started to open up to me.Photo: Kisses eagerly greets me at her gatePhoto: She's all smiles after her massagePhoto: Forrest was very relaxed after his morning massage.Photo: The puppy look of, oh, don't go, that felt so good!Photo: Tika was alert and relaxed after her session.Photo: Looking at me with eye's saying - don't go!Photo: Taking in the scents.Photo: Bogart has improved significanly and is doing awesome!Photo: Taxi is a total lover, enjoying his massage every week.Photo: Beepie was very relaxed after his session.Photo: Oli say's yummm, Deb's treats!Photo: Taxi, so happyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kisses ready for her sesssionPhoto: Photo: Meiko loves massagePhoto: So does Bobby!Photo: Photo: Oli looking lovingly over after his massagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Taxi thinking that the session isn't over!Photo: Ahh, that's the stuffPhoto: Zoe sitting nicely before the massagePhoto: Taxi was soo relaxed after his massage...Photo: And was all smilesPhoto: Beep continues to enjoy his massagesPhoto: Taxi is a regular massage client, recovering nicely from a TPLOPhoto: Shango was looking forward to his massage...Photo: Fergus would just have to wait!Photo: Fergus loved his first massage so much, he almost fell asleep sitting!Photo: Kisses all smiles after her massagePhoto: Taxi loving life!Photo: Taxi, the success story of the month: http://www.broadwayanimal.com/monthly-success-story.aspPhoto: Iggy's first massage was a success, he loved every minute!Photo: And then, passed out.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: