58 Photos - Feb 3, 2012
Photo: Opening show of Alec Soth's 'Broken Manual'Photo: DAH playing with the dummyPhoto: James Nachtwey and George over for a beerPhoto: Looking at the dummyPhoto: Pete having breakfastPhoto: Pizza timePhoto: HistoryPhoto: Magnum darkroomPhoto: On the rooftop with Zun LeePhoto: David with Magnum printer PabloPhoto: Waiting for printsPhoto: One hungry KayaPhoto: Calling the cabPhoto: Working..Photo: Note for KayaPhoto: Checking out the BURNPhoto: Hanging..Photo: Just having fun..Photo: Kaya shootingPhoto: 6thPhoto: View on the cityPhoto: Chris and Pete chillingPhoto: Susan Welchman of NatGeo in the loft, checking out Pete's videoPhoto: Good friendsPhoto: Shopping with HarveyPhoto: Party at the KibbutzPhoto: Looking for lightPhoto: Ari's first dive into the dummyPhoto: Shopping list doesn't do any good if YOU ACTUALLY DO NOT GO SHOPPING!Photo: Houskeeping is serious stuff!Photo: Erica and PrestonPhoto: Chris Anderson taking a very throughout look at the WALLPhoto: The sorry state of the fridge... but we got COFFEE!Photo: Anton checking in..Photo: Bad BoysPhoto: PetePhoto: Cab ride into the cityPhoto: YEAH!Photo: Gathering ideas for new booksPhoto: Miss Favela roofPhoto: Window viewPhoto: Panos waiting to be surprised big time!Photo: It's all about lightPhoto: At Soth's exhibitPhoto: Soth exhibitPhoto: Cool boys :)Photo: Fooling aroundPhoto: Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb and Danny Wilcox Frazier checking out the dummyPhoto: X (was for me) and DannyPhoto: Mike Loyd Young with PanosPhoto: Rushing to Diner'sPhoto: FOOD!!!Photo: Danny and MikePhoto: Never a dull momentPhoto: DIEGO!! brings snow to NYCPhoto: The cityPhoto: Time to leave..Photo: Bye NYC