40 Photos - Feb 4, 2016
Photo: Full MTM Team Sunday morning, heading to Church on Samosir Island. (L-R) Merle Flory, Richard Anderson (native coordinator), Judy Flory, Victoria and Russell Rumble, from Washington State.Photo: What a joy and blessed privilege we two brothers had fishing for men!Photo: Full conference photo at Gereja Kristin Protestant Indonesian Church.Photo: Full conference photo at Bethel Pentecostal Bible School, aprox. 40 students (ages 16 to 34 yrs.) headed for the mission field.Photo: Russell signing the Certificates of Completion for the attendeesPhoto: Richard Anderson, coordinator and translator, with Pastor Paul, and translator Edward.Photo: Russell feeding the flock with fresh bread from Heaven.Photo: Translators, with teaching team.Photo: Richard, the native coordinator, receives a stainless steel clock from MTM, as a token of appreciation.Photo: Russell at night revival, with Richard translating.Photo: Many responses each night after revival messages; here is a picture of the girl’s side of the altar.Photo: Developing a fruitful ministry means looking at ways we may be trying to attach fruit in the power of our own flesh.Photo: Merle has Russell selecting 12 disciples that will follow him.Photo: Russell gave a session on Moral Purity…Love vs. Lust.  Here he is illustrating the Spirit, soul, and body, and how too often men let the body control the Spirit.  Many practical disciplines were taught on how to take the power out of the flesh.  AMEN!  All of us men took this to heart.Photo: Victoria and Judy could not talk to these girls, but their hearts communicated beyond words.  There was always a young girl loving on one of our Sisters.  The girls would greet Vic and Judy each day with a cheek to cheek greeting…it was so precious.  Thank you, Vic and Judy, for being examples of the believers.Photo: Jesus sent the disciples out needy, so they would trust and depend on the natives to serve them.  When it came to our cordless microphones we also were needy, so we depended on this native expert IT team!Photo: The Bible School Students were requested to write out their personal testimonies, to include life before Christ, the turning point, and life now in Christ.  A translator will send them to us in English. Praise God!Photo: Here Russell is giving a whole session on “The Storms of Life” with the Bible and a palm branch.  Very effective prop when going through Ps 92:12-15.  I don’t think any of us will forget this.Photo: MTM team pictured with the Bishop of Evangelism, Pdt Humala Lumbantobing, at the GKPI Lutheran Church of Indonesia University. Also pictured at far right is Pastor Paul.  We had discussion about the possibility of future participation with MTM.Photo: This class was delighted to receive their certificates of completion.Photo: Another class of young men ready to go out into the mission field.Photo: This 1st year class of girls are demonstrating their willingness to serve, by holding up their certificates of completion.Photo: The 2nd year class of girls are ready to go out into their field of service.Photo: Bishop Pastor Sahat receives special MTM mug for his generosity of hosting our team at the Bible College along with the Dean of Men, Pastor Anton (on the right).Photo: A time of response and commitment…Hallelujah to the worthy Lamb of God!Photo: We had four nights of revival at the Bible School, and each night the MTM team shared some singing.Photo: This pastor and wife are expecting their first child soon, and asked Victoria and Judy to name the child.  How special!Photo: MTM team with our native coordinator, Richard and his wife Mayland, and first child Samantha Modest.  This dear family also provided our team with 5 nights of lodging and Christian hospitality!Photo: Thank you, Russell and Victoria, for joining the MTM team and sacrificing your time and resources to come help us.  Your sweetness was like unto that heap of pineapples in the photo!Photo: MTM team traveled by boat out to Samosir Island, and docked right in front of the Roselina Guest House.Photo: House visitation, prayer, and encouragement to a middle aged sister with liver cancer.Photo: We were invited to visit a brother who had dabbled in black magic for his health.  When given the opportunity to renounce Satan and confess the Lord Jesus Christ, he willingly responded.Photo: Give us this day our daily fish, mmm so good…we were served fresh grilled fish almost every day.Photo: One more lesson today for the school children…it’s called learning about people that have white skin.Photo: This is a conference break where we were served rice dessert wrapped in a banana leaf, sweet bread, and coffee.Photo: “Question and Answer” time found Russell with open Bible and open heart.Photo: Prayer was requested in this home for two marriages that are barren.  God opens and closes the womb.Photo: Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in the open air markets.Photo: Fresh chicken waiting to become a meal.Photo: Red truck…green house?!