88 Photos - Dec 6, 2014
Photo: Upon our teams arrival in Dimapur, Nagaland , India, a dear sister had us all come to her house for honorary gifts and a delicious welcome dinner. She is standing beside my wife Naomi. I will give the names of the full team in another later picture.Photo: Brother Ngulie Rentta and his wife. He was the local native coordinator for this Missions conference at Tening town. He serves as the missions department secretary of the Liangmai Baptist association of Nagaland.Photo: Our full ministry team, L-R - Naomi & Raymond Burkholder (MTM Teacher), Austin Lapp (IGo student), Teresa Nisly (IGo student), Barbara Lapp (IGo student), Delmar Penner (IGo student Alumni), Ngulie Rentta (coordinator), Joshua Slabaugh (IGo student), Merle & Judy Flory (MTM Teacher).Photo: The full ministry team in dressed in honorary gifted Liangmia ethnic attire.Photo: The full pastoral missions conference group in front of the church where the conference was conducted in Tening Town.Photo: Six hours of totally unimproved dirt roads of countless potholes, rocks, hills, curves and being tossed too & fro and clouds of dust and 120 kilometers later we arrived at beautiful Tening Town. Even the locals call this place "the ends of the earth".Photo: The mountains in this region of Nagaland are considered a part of the sub-Himalayan regions. Tening Town is approximately 4200 feet above sea level and in the mornings it was 50ish degrees and it felt cold.Photo: A beautiful sun rise upon Tening Town. Note the morning clouds lying in the valleys.Photo: Tening town village scenesPhoto: More Tening town village scenes.Photo: The Liangmai Baptist church in Tening town where the pastoral missions conference was conducted.Photo: Inside the Tening town Baptist church.Photo: Missions conference poster inside the church.Photo: Pastors traveled and arrived from all over these remote sub-Himalayan mountain regions.Photo: Greeting the pastors as they arrived at Tening town.Photo: Slaughtering the fatted pig for meat for the conference.Photo: Smoking the pork (hanging on the rack) over the wood fire as they are cooking for the conference. Life in this village is like turning the clock back more than 100 years in America. Their Indian indigenous ingenuity is very intriguing indeed.Photo: Smoking the pork and preparing dinner for the conference. That smoking pork was on a rack that the meat could be slid close to the fire and at other times it could be pushed back so it does not drip into the food that was being cooked.Photo: Brother Merle teaching with brother Ngulie Rentta as his interpreter. The Liangmai ethnic people have their own tribal language.Photo: Teaching with dear pastor Assambo as my interpreter. I first met this young pastor in Nagaland more than two years ago and today we have like a "Paul-Timothy" relationship.Photo: Brother Merle with our native coordinator Ngulie Rentta.Photo: Illustrating Barnabas leadership at Antioch from the book of Acts. The point is that Barnabas raised up leaders at Antioch and sent them out in missionary work unto the ends of the earth.Photo: Pastors responding to the teaching they have been receiving.Photo: Honoring and expressing our appreciation to the leaders who worked hard to facilitate this pastoral missions conference.Photo: Fellowship & tea times outside under the big white tent between sessions.Photo: These two sisters faithfully attended the pastors conference every day. Beautiful Sisters fellowship.Photo: After teaching sessions fellowship and interacting.Photo: The Indian indigenous ingenuity is very intriguing indeed. This bamboo rail was filled with warm water heated over the fire and then all the delegates would wash their hands before eating since there are no utensils.Photo: Pull the plug and wash your hands before dinner.Photo: Lunch time at the conferencePhoto: Photo: All eating is with God's best provisions...the right hand.Photo: Another meal time photo.Photo: And wash your hands again after meal time.Photo: The full pastoral missions conference group at Tening Town.Photo: Each evening there was a revival type service that the pastors would attend as well as the local Tening town folks.Photo: The full MTM team ministered in song in the evening servicesPhoto: Full MTM team ministering in songPhoto: The IGo students ministering to the multitudes of children that would come out to the evening revival meeting services.Photo: The IGo youth ministering in partnership with the Liangmai youth at Tening town churchVideo: The IGo students ministering in song to the children in partnership with the Liangmai youth ahead of the evening service.Photo: The pastors men's dorm was very near to the church guest house where the MTM team stayed. Most every evening we would fall asleep hearing the dear pastors worshiping and singing in beautiful 4 part harmony.Video: The pastors beautiful 4 part harmony singing in the Laigmai language in one of the evening church service.Photo: At the last nightly revival meeting services each one of the MTM ministry team was gifted with a Liangmai ethnic tribal attire. We felt so honored and privileged indeed to be gifted with such beautiful attire. The dear sisters of the village would hand weave these beautiful garments.Photo: The IGo students also all dressed up in traditional Liangmai attire.Photo: After the last night revival meetings we all sat around a camp fire and worshipped in praise and song. This was a very special occasion in celebrating what God had done in sweet visitations of the Lord. Blessed be God !!!Photo: It was cold and we all appreciated the fires.Photo: Sunday morning most all the church attenders dress up in traditional Liangmai attire and here they are arriving for the morning service.Photo: Arriving at Tening Town church for the morning service.Photo: This photo was taken Sunday morning before the morning service at Tening town Baptist church. The MTM team at its finest at Tening town, Nagaland, IndiaPhoto: Village folks bring their first fruits tithes and offerings to be sold after the service as a means to raise funds for their missions programs. These dear folks are village folks that survive by only live off of the land...there is no industry or any such like jobs.Photo: Sunday morning worship service at Tening town. The church was packed out.Photo: The full MTM team in Liangmai traditional attire.Video: Liangmai youth singing in English at the Sunday morning service at Tening town.Photo: Our IGo youth ministering in song at the Sunday morning service.Photo: Preaching the word with Ngulie Rentta as my interpreter on Sunday morning.Photo: This young man adopted me as his spiritual father. Now how blessed is that ???Photo: After the service the first fruits were sold to generate funds for the missions programs of the church.Photo: SOLD !!!Photo: The IGo youth ministering to the children there at Tening town by playing games with them. Each day during the duration of the conference they would go out to a neighboring villages and minister to the folks there.Photo: In Tening town village visitation we visited this elderly pastor who has pastored the Tening town church for many years but is now retired. His daughter (besides my wife) was one of the cooks who cooked delicious food for our MTM team.Photo: Visiting and drinking lemon tea at Ngulie Rentta's house by the fire.Photo: More IGo student ministry with the children at Tening town.Photo: Sunday afternoon Tening town village visitation scenes along the way. The poinsettia flowers were in full bloom in the village. In this part of the world they are called "the Christmas flower".Photo: Photo: These dear village folks work very hard. Fire wood is their only heat and cooking fuel supply.Photo: The village ladies carry their children on their backs.Photo: The older daughters help carry their siblings on their backs.Photo: Returning from the jungle with their  supply of fire wood.Photo: This large Tening village church is nearby to Tening town where we were ministering. We walked here for remembrance sake. It was here at this church two years ago that I first met Ngulie Rentta as MTM was only passing through at that time. We had a short praise and thanksgiving time here thanking the Lord for bringing us all together in His sovereign ways.Photo: Move village scenes as we walked through the village.Photo: After such a blessed time together with our dear brothers and sisters at Tening town....farewells are very difficult.Photo: The MTM ministry team caravan was 3 vehicles long as we headed out. One of the vehicles need to be push started.Photo: These dear village folks are subsistence farmers. They clear this hilly mountain land to farm it for their substance livelihood. There is no flat valley land. It simply does not exist.Photo: Along the way to Jeluki we toured a rubber tree plantation. All these trees are rubber trees.Photo: Trees are cut to bleed this rubber syrup. This white sticky syrup is the beginning of the rubber process.Photo: Checking out the rubber making process.Photo: Part of the process is smoking the material in a fire wood smoking process.Photo: The finished rubber raw material.Photo: We departed Tening town and traveled for four hours once again on these mountainous dirt roads arriving at Jeluki village. That evening we had a service at this Liangmai church. We also spend the night here.Photo: The IGo youth ministering at the Jeluki Liangmai church.Photo: The next day we took a walking tour of Jeluki. We ministered in song at what appeared to be in the Jeluki village square.Photo: Drawing living water from the village well in Jeluki.Photo: Our ministry team also took part in a youth conference at nearby New Jeluki. Here the IGo students are ministering in song at the youth conference.Video: The Liangmai youth ministering in song at the New Jeluki youth conference.Photo: Using a fire illustration to drive home my point of God becoming a living reality on the inside of me at the youth conference.Photo: Youth responding to the invitation to make sacrifices of idolatrous gods to experience God as a living reality....and not just name only Christians.Photo: This is brother Wichampau Nchang who hosted our IGo students in ministry in Tening Town. Now he is the leader at this youth conference at New Jeluki as well as served as my interpreter. Our hearts really came together in Christ Jesus with him and our farewells were difficult.