38 Photos - Oct 15, 2014
Photo: Upon our arrival at Kathmandu, Nepal we were met by Stephen Burkholder & Brent Boll (to my right). They are part of EQUIP ministry in Nepal. David & Suzane Brown came all the way from Cuttack, India to join the MTM team.Photo: The full MTM Ministry team L-R, David & Suzane Brown, Raymond & Naomi Burkholder, Paul Smucker from Brownsville, OR, Judy & John Weaver from Berlin, OH ...back row center, Brent Boll & Stephen BurkholderPhoto: Upon our arrival we took a public bus for 5 hours from Kathmandu to Dhading. These were scenes along the way.Photo: More scenes along the way from Kathmandu to Dhading.Photo: Pastor Man & his wife and their son Methusaleh. Pastor Man was the youth conference coordinator as well as one of the interpreters.Photo: The full youth conference group. Actually this photo was taken the last day late in the afternoon and some had already departed to trek up the mountains to go home to their remote villages.Photo: This is the path off the street up to the church where the conference was conducted.Photo: This water way was just below the church to supply water to the terraced rice paddies below.Photo: The conference was up on the second floor of this building.Photo: Upon our teams arrival we were honored with these kata scarfs.Photo: This was our youth conference worship leading team.Photo: These dear young folks were very passionate in their worship.Photo: Brother John Weaver shared a devotional at the conference.Photo: These dear young folks would sit like this for 5-6 hours each day listening intently and taking notes of the teaching sessions.Photo: Brother Paul Smucker taught on the commandments of Jesus.Photo: I taught on the life of David as a youth as an example of what it really looks like to live for the Lord.Photo: David Brown also shared a devotional with the youth. He used very practical illustrations that the youth could clearly identify with.Photo: This was the view from the roof of the building where the conference was conducted.Photo: The youth attendees would take their meals on the roof of the conference building.Photo: Preparing for another feast of God's presence and His word.Photo: In Dhading town we walked to a local restaurant and chicken was on the menu. We clearly now have a new understanding of fresh chicken.Photo: Photo: At the end of the last session of the conference there was opportunity given for the youth to respond in repentance as well as make commitments unto the Lord. This photo is the altar response unto the Lord. Blessed be God !!!Photo: Praying for all that have responded unto the Lord. Note the older man that I am praying for. It seemed word went through the village that God was doing something at the conference and others started showing up towards the end of the conference.Photo: The youth had a Bible quiz one afternoon and here we are honoring the winners.Photo: Honoring Pastor Man with a MTM gift for hosting and coordinating the MTM youth conference.Photo: Pastor Lako was the assistant coordinator of this youth conference. These two young men are like sons to me for many years now.Photo: Our last supper together as the full MTM team at the hotel before Paul Smucker headed back to Thailand to be reunited with his wife Dorcas and his daughter Amy.Photo: The rest of the MTM team headed on to Pokhara, Nepal before traveling on back to Kathmandu.Photo: The weather was near perfect in Pokhara to see the Annapurna Himalayan Mountain range.Photo: Thank you brother Stephen for borrowing your motorcycle to us to travel about Pokhara.Photo: David & Suzane Brown also joined us onto Pokhara.Photo: John & I took a Himalayin mountain viewing ride on Stephens motorcycle.Photo: Fish tail mountain zoomed in there at Pokhara. This peak is almost 23,000 feet above sea levelPhoto: The Himalayan Annapurna range was absolutely spectacular from Sarangkot lookout.Photo: The weather was perfect. This photo was taken from the valley floor below.Photo: Gods creation preaches with out a voice that there is an almighty creator. PS 19Photo: Glory to God !!!