81 Photos - Aug 25, 2014
Photo: Our MTM ministry team Meeting our Indonesia native coordinator Richard Anderson and his wife Meiland and their son Martin Luther at the Medan airport.Photo: Our full MTM ministry team at Medan. LR-Raymond Burkholder, Richard Anderson, Marian Yoder, Rosa King, Judy Flory (Merle Missing) & Richard's wife Meiland.Photo: MTM Ministry Team Now At South Nias Island, Indonesia. Nias Island is part of the North Sumatra Provence of the larger Sumatra Island.Photo: Richard and his wife Meiland, MD being honored with American chocolate as an appreciation gift for their wonderful hospitality of the MTM ministry team. THANK YOU MY DEAR BROTHER & SISTERPhoto: Our Full Pastoral Training Conference Group At Teluk Dalam, South Nias Island.Photo: The morning after we arrived in Medan we flew to Nias island (Binaka Airport Nias).Photo: Nias Island is a very beautiful tropical island with a population of 700,000+ people.Photo: These photos were taken on our two hour drive from the Nias island airport to Teluk Dalam which is the largest town on the island in south Nias.Photo: Tropical jungle, narrow roads, multitudes of bridges, motorcycles, people and palm trees & cocoa groves best describes our two hour drive.Photo: How could I forget the beautiful ocean beaches and views along the way.Photo: And then there were the beautiful tropical island flowers.Photo: Cocoa groves along with the banana plants.Photo: Cocoa trees. This is the beginning of all chocolate and can only be found in tropical regions.Photo: People abounding as we traveled through many villages on our journey to Teluk Dalam. Sunday August 17th was Indonesian Independence day and people were out everywhere celebrating.Photo: Beautiful allamonda flowers. Also known as the yellow buttercup native to the tropics.Photo: Nias island was known world over for its great surfing waves before the tsunami of boxing day (day after Christmas) of 2004.  But the earthquake and following tsunami changed everything at Nias. The land was pushed up and many of the beaches were destroyed and the high surfing waves are gone. This has caused a downturned economy for this island because tourism was its major income.Photo: Photo: A traditional Nias island tribal home. The people of Nias speak their own tribal language...few know the national Bahasa Indonesia which is the national language.Photo: A local man gathering his cooking firewood on the island.Photo: A Mennonite missionary was the first missionary to baptize the first local people in North Sumatra region/province mid - 1834, in Pakantan village,  so this year is the 180 year anniversary of Mennonite mission work in the whole of north Sumatra.Photo: Downtown Teluk Dalam on South Nias Island as we arrived where our MTM conference will be located.Photo: Public transportation on the island is these small trucks. The children in uniform are school children.Photo: The same day we arrived (Sunday) before the conference began our coordinator took us to visit a native tribal cultural village. The main tribal cultural village were up these steps.Photo: On the way up the steps to visit this tribal village we seen this large church in the background in the lower section of the village. We were told it is the largest church on the island with 3000 members. Merle & my heart yearned to preach Jesus Christ in this church....keep looking at the pictures and reading the captions to find out more of what happened....Photo: Another view of that large church near this tribal village of Hari Kelima with the beautiful Indian ocean in the back ground.Photo: The stone streets of this cultural tribal village at the top of the steps. Sunday was wash day as you can see here in this tribal village. NOTE...no vehicles at all. NOT ACCESSABLE BY CAR OR TRUCK !!!Photo: The traditional homes of the cultural village we visited. They are all connected to each other like row houses.Photo: Another view of main street in this village. No cars or trucks in this main part of the village. All the mountain villages are that way on the island. Only motorcycles are allowed.Photo: Each village home has a door in the roof to lay out the clothing on the roof to dry. This woman was collecting her dried laundry from the roof.Photo: Stone jumping is a traditional village practice on the Nias island. This can only be done by native village men and they must be in traditional village costume's.Video: Nias Island Traditional village stone jumping caught on video.Photo: Still picture of village man stone jumping in his traditional village clothing.Photo: The village stone jumper and the kingdom builder on the chief corner stone of Jesus standing together. What you see drying on the ground in the sun is cocoa.Photo: When Naomi & I lived in Banda Aceh for 6 month back in 2006-2007 helping with Tsunami relief work with CAM...we learned to love this Indonesian dish of sweet & sour fish. How wonderful it was to enjoy this dish once again.Photo: Another island fish but this one is charbroiled. Also very delicious indeed.Photo: A photo of the full conference group as it was held at the Synod main office location at Teluk Dalam.Photo: One of the many illustrations in teaching at the pastors conference with brother Hulu as my native interpreter.Photo: Dinner by the sea after the first day of teaching at the conference before we headed out to the mountains for the evening village service.Photo: We ministered Monday evening August 18th at this church BKPN Ndraso after teaching the first day at the conference.Photo: Day times we ministered at the pastors conference. Every evening we would travel to different remote mountain village churches and conduct evangelistic / revival services. We would always sing as a team at these services.Photo: Responses to the message invitation at Bawonahono BKPN church.Photo: Brother Merle ministering at Heri Kedua village church Tuesday evening with Pastor Richard as his interpreter.Photo: At the Tuesday evening village service at Hari Kedua, I captivated these children's hearts out in the village and took this picture just before the service began. The Indonesian children are absolutely adorable as you can see. They all followed me right into the church where we were ministering ... if only they would all have stayed for the full service ?Photo: Teaching at the pastors conference with Petrus Zagoto B. Ed as my interpreter.Photo: Using an illustration of what it means to be filled with the Spirit with Petros as my interpreter.Photo: Another picture of the adorable Indonesian children taken at Tuesday evenings service at Hari Kedua village ... taken after the service.Photo: Wednesday evening we were at Hera Ketiga (day 3 of evening ministry) village and this was an open air outdoors service.Photo: Each village has a community center shelter right in the center of the village. The local pastor used that village center as a place to conduct the village service. This way all the village folks could attend as they gathered all around that village community center. Many simply sat on their homes veranda's to listen to the ministering in song and preaching. Here we are singing as a team at this village service.Photo: MTM Team ministering in song at Hari Ketiga village.Photo: Preaching at Hari Ketiga village with brother Iwan as my interpreter.Photo: Village folks sitting on their home verandas to listen to the service.Photo: As Merle & I individually prayed for all the different folks who responded ...this elderly man confessed to my interpreter that he wanted to have his sins forgiven and come to Jesus as the Way, The Truth, & The Life (the evening message). What a great joy to lead this man to Jesus Christ !!! BLESSED BE GOD !!!Photo: The pastors conference at Teluk Dalam also included a ladies conference. Each day as Merle & Raymond taught the Men, Rosa, Marian & Judy also taught a ladies conference in a separate room. There interpreter was sister Agustin.Photo: Rosa teaching at the ladies conference with Agustin as her interpreter.Photo: MTM Ladies conference.Photo: God provided an opportunity for Judy, Rosa, and Marian to meet with church ladies that own guest houses on the beach. Rosa was able to share with them about the work of Ransom Ministries in Chiang Mai and encourage them in the role the church plays in offering hope and freedom to those involved in prostitution.Photo: Thursday evening found us at still another mountain village...at Hari Keempat village. This was also an open air meeting by the village community center with most of the village attending the service. Here we are singing as a team once again.Photo: These village folks come out by the hundreds right in the center of their village.Photo: Brother Merle preaching at Hari Keempat village with Iwan as his interpreter. At every service there were large responses and this service was no exception. We were so busy praying for all the responses that we failed to get a picture.Photo: Thursday was scheduled to be the last full day of conference ...but there were a few surprises. Just before we started in the morning we were instructed to be finished by 12:30 and soon thereafter we were ushered off to be special honored guests at a cultural marriage ceremony in the same tribal cultural village we had visited on Sunday when we first arrived. This photo was taken Thursday at noon just before we headed for the wedding. The items around Merle & my neck are cultural village gifts expressing the pastors appreciation for the teaching at the conference.Photo: Merle & I pictured with our conference interpreters. L-R, Raymond, Petros, Hulu & Merle right after we finished teaching at the conference on Thursday.Photo: The bride and the bridegroom at the wedding at the tribal cultural village of Hari Kelima. The lady behind the bride was fanning her to keep her cool. Indonesian couples are very sober at weddings ...but by the grace of God I was able to get them to smile.Photo: The bride and bridegroom as well as their families and all the special honored wedding guests. How privileged were we as the MTM team ???Photo: Dear Indonesian children watching for the bride and groom to come forthPhoto: We were requested to bring special music at the wedding...NOW HOW SPECIAL IS THAT ???Photo: A father with his son, as well as mother at the wedding watching for the bride and groom to come forth.Photo: Time for the marriage dinner. This special package was only brought to the table of the special honored wedding guests which included the MTM ministry team table.Photo: I was instructed to open the package and distribute its honored content to my ministry team....and thus I did.Photo: Salt steamed pig head ... that is what it was. I literally took my fingers and picked the dark meat off of the bone and distributed it among our team. It actually was very good and tasty indeed. The locals cleaned that meat and fat right down to the bare bones. We did not do so well at cleaning it all up.Photo: Wedding feast dinner time for all. Those front tables down the middle were all the special honored wedding guests. We were about half way down in the middle...but you cannot see us on this picture.Photo: Some time about mid week brother Richard came to me and said the pastor of the large church at Hari Kelima is requesting we also come to minister at his church Friday evening. So brother Merle & I had the desires of our hearts come true. How special was that. Blessed be God !!!Photo: The service at the large church at Hari Kelima village. Once again we do not have a picture of the response because we were busy praying for all the responses.Photo: Friday morning was a special meeting with all the Synod leaders. Here I am honoring Bishop brother Aro Hulu with an MTM appreciation gift. He is the leader of the BKPN Synod.Photo: Bishop brother Aru Hulu extending an invitation to MTM to please come back again next year for another MTM conference.Photo: Honoring Pastor Richard who hosted us for the week as well as coordinated the conference. Thank you so much brother Richard for your tremendous Indonesian hospitality and serving us as the MTM team. We love you much in Christ Jesus.Photo: Our last supper together with brother Richard and all the Synod leaders. This truly was another special memorable occasion.Photo: Our last photo with all the Nias Island BKPN synod leaders and Pastor Richard.Photo: This picture truly represents how Merle & I felt after an intense ministry week on South Nias island !!!Photo: Back in Medan Pastor Richard and I going over the final financial matters of the MTM conference expenses.Photo: Saturday evening at our hotel in Medan Pastor Richard organized for me to meet these dear Indonesian brother and sisters. They are in college getting their degrees in divinity. This degree means 5 years of studying...then another three years of internship within a Synod church. Then if appointed they will serve as a pastor for life. Richard wanted me to share with them to develop a missionary heart and not just be a pastor at home. WHAT A PRECIOUS OPPORTUNITY WAS MINE TO SPEAK GOD'S MISSIONARY HEART INTO THEIR HEARTS.Photo: Needless to say we were one very tired ministry team. On our way back to Chiang Mai in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia airpot the walk to our gate was listed as a 45 minute walk. Something need to change...and God once again provided. BLESSED BE GOD !!!