37 Photos - Jul 7, 2014
Photo: Friday, June 27th, We flew north from Yangon to Heho, where we would join up with our host family for the week.Photo: Arriving on June 26th in Yangon, we were welcomed by MTMs native coordinator, John That Luai and family.  (L-R) John, Rebecca, Deborah, Gloria and wife Emily,  plus an unborn son that arrived into this life the day after we left.  We enjoyed supper together that night at the Kone Myint Thar restaurant. Hearing and witnessing God’s moving in this family has and will continue to inspire us and all who will meet them.  To God be the glory!Photo: Native Host, Ps Kyaw Kyaw Htoo and his daughter, Daphne, took us from Heho airport by taxi on over to Kalaw where the conference was scheduled to be held.  Kalaw is a quiet little mountain village with about 10,000 population.  Right outside our window was the evident presence of both Muslim and Buddhist, as well as Hindu.Photo: These believers were truly demonstrating a servant’s heart carrying our bags back and forth from the Hotel to the House of Prayer, morning and night.Photo: A brisk 10 min walk from the front door of our Hotel to the front door of the House of Prayer.Photo: MTM - Kalaw, Myanmar June 30 — July 2, 2014.  Here are 28 attendees, cooks, teachers, host, native coordinator & translator, plus children that made up the conference.Photo: Conference coordinator, hosts and teachers, (Back row is coordinator John) Front Row (L-R) is teacher Merle and Judy, hosts Ps Kyaw Kyaw Htoo and wife Nay Say Wah, and teacher John and DebbiePhoto: Conference team L-R Merle, young John, Ps Kyaw Kyaw Htoo, older JohnPhoto: In the evenings, we often walked up the street to this local restaurant called the “Seven Sisters”.  We were able to meet at least five of the sisters.  They served us their best food and we shared with them our SONG!Photo: Brother John teaching on “Living for the King, in the kingdom of the world” taken from the sermon on the mount.  Many effective illustrations and points were made driving home to our hearts the blessings of following the King only.Photo: Photo: Photo: The theme of “Biblical Leadership” resulting from sound doctrine, clear conversion, and a good warfare, was the other theme of the conference.Photo: Sunday June 29th, A day before the conference we were invited to share in their Sunday worship services.  The children’s voices are still ringing in our ears as they sang the songs of the faith.  Brother John spent time praying over a special situation with them that day as well.Photo: It was a delight to watch this dear couple share God’s Word together... Heirs together of the grace of life that their prayers be not hindered.Photo: Debbie and Judy were truly salt and light everywhere they went, and they attracted other salt and light as well.Photo: A young pastor who has a heart after God, and for the flock that God has given him to shepherd.Photo: Photo: Myanmar is rich with the fruits of the earth, readily available in markets and road side stands.Photo: Turn the clock back and watch the oxcarts go back and forth in and out of the villages and fields.Photo: Photo: Photo: Here is the kitchen and kitchen helpers fanning up the wood heat for another one of those gourmet meals.Photo: Photo: Our teaching team had several opportunities to share the Gospel through song.Photo: We enjoyed a brief visit at the Yangon Grace Bible School in Yangon with Brother Phillip Van Lal Lisn.Photo: A request was made to come by this pastor to his village for a similar conference in the future, Lord willing.Photo: Photo: The teachers received much inspiration as the attendees demonstrated their hunger & thirst for  God’s Word.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.Photo: The ministry of Biblical hospitality was demonstrated meal after meal as our hostess and her helpers served up Shan – style rice noodle soup, and many other dishes beyond description.  We were blessed beyond our deserving and enjoyed the delicious fruits of God’s earth.Video: Saturday June 28th We took a boat out across Inle Lake to visit a silk weaving factory and a floating vegetable farm.  Inle Lake is about the size of the Sea of Galilee in the Bible. We observed many women weaving silk, lotus, and cotton pieces together at the silk factory.  Truly a lesson of the Lord in weaving together all nations and peoples, and the swiftness of the weaver’s shuttle reminding us of the brevity of our own lives.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This fine young man was faithful to serve wherever he was needed through the conference.  We trust he is well on his way to the makings of a good soldier of Christ Jesus.Photo: Brother John demonstrating carrying worry, doubt, fear, and cares of this life that do not belong to us.  Baggage that pulls us down and needs to be given to the Lord Jesus.  Thank you John, for calling us back to the cross to give up to Him what we can’t handle anyway.  These messages were so rich.