20 Photos - Jan 31, 2014
Photo: Pastor Sunday & his wife were the hosts for this leadership conference in Benin City, Nigeria.Photo: The Nigeria Ministry Teaching Team L-R. Raymond Burkholder representing MTM. Glenn & Rhonda Lauver, Richard Swartzentruber representing Heralds Of Hope Ministry. Glenn & Rhonda are also IGo Ministers Semester alumni.Photo: The full pastoral group at the Benin City, Nigeria conference.Photo: Pastor Richard Swartzentruber teaching at the pastoral conference.Photo: Pastor Glenn Lauver teaching at the conference.Photo: The Nigerian army provided daily security at the conference. We became close friends to these two soldiers as they were every day at the conference.Photo: Fellowship evenings after the conference including the two army soldiers.Photo: Pastor Glenn delivering a commencement address at the graduation ceremony of the students who have completed Ps Sundays Bible school training.Photo: The graduating students along with their instructors and our visiting ministry team.Photo: Pastor Sunday and his wife, the Bible school instructors as well as our ministry team.Photo: Sunday morning all three of us pastors ministered at different local churches. This was the church where I ministered as well as my army security guard who traveled with me.Photo: Ministering at the local church. The outfit I have on is a Nigerian outfit and was a gift from Pastor Sunday.Photo: I was blessed and privileged to dedicated this first born son unto the Lord at this service.Photo: The baby boy belongs to this dear couple.Photo: This photo was taken Sunday afternoon after we all came back to our apartment after ministering in different churches.Photo: The following pictures are of the streets of Benin City.Photo: Photo: Photo: I have no idea what part the goat played in the baby dedication.Photo: