52 Photos - Dec 15, 2013
Photo: The MTM ministry team at Hyderabad, India. After the Chintaluru MTM Ricky and his team traveled with me to do another MTM with Good Life Ministries (GLM) in Hyderabad, India. Brother Sam Gunti is the director and leader of GLM (between Ricky & I.Photo: Sam & Becca Gunti and their family. Sonya, Jason & Judson. This is now the second MTM conference that MTM has partnered with GLM and I always love working with Sam for the advent of the Gospel in India.Photo: The pastoral leadership conference was in this large building and this was the welcome entrance by the drive way.Photo: The welcome entrance into the building for all the leaders.Photo: The full conference group on the last day of the three day conference. There were more than 300 pastors and church leaders in attendance.Photo: Brother Ricky teaching at the conference.Photo: Ricky and I had sent all of our teaching material sent ahead to GLM and Sam had it all translated into the local language which is Telugu. The powerpoints that the pastors seen on the screen were all in Telugu. This is why there are two laptops on the table. One is in English for me while the other one is in Telugu for Sam as my interpreter.Photo: Each of the pastors who attended were given a worksheet with the an outline of the teaching material with a place to add notes. The pastors diligently took notes as we were teaching. The hunger for the Word of these Indian leaders is tremendously invigorating for us a teachers.Photo: One of the many illustrations I use for teaching on the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.Photo: Brother Ricky teaching through an interpreter. I am sorry I do not have the interpreters name.Photo: Another illustration while teaching.Photo: Attentive hungry church leaders and pastors. Most all of these pastors are working in tribal remote villages of the state of Andhra Pradesh in south India.Photo: The pastors wives were also invited to attend the conference. Most always in India they are excluded at conferences. It was such a blessing to see them also included and attend this conference.Photo: Photo: Ricky teaching.Photo: Each evening after teaching all day at the conference we would head out to a distant village to conduct evangelistic meetings. This was the first time evangelistic meetings were conducted in this tribal village by GLM. Every where you go in India you are honored with these beautiful flower garlands.Photo: Ricky and myself at Etikala Village where the evangelistic meetings were conducted each evening. These meetings would not begin until sometime after 9:00 Pm and they would go till midnight.Photo: This was the crowd the first night at Etikala village. We estimated approximately 300+.Photo: This was the crowd the second night. We estimated somewhere between 400-500.Photo: And it was very cold both nights. Pastor Sam said it was much colder than usual for this time of the year. How cold was it? I was not sure but I was cold also. It most likely was in the 50-60 degree range. These dear folks sat out on the ground for more than three hours to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. What a joy and tremendous privilege truly was ours.Photo: Each evening Sam and Ricky would have a teaching lesson for all the children.Photo: Does this picture tell you how interested they were to hear the gospel stories and illustrations that were given each evening by Sam & Ricky.Photo: How beautiful is that??? Those children are thrilled to hear the message and story of the gospel.Photo: Look at those children drinking it all in.Photo: After the time with the children I was ask to preach the gospel with a crystal clear salvation message.Photo: The first night there were 65 first time commitments at the altar to receive Jesus Christ as the Lord & Savior. Young and old were coming to Jesus Christ. Blessed be God !!!Photo: Another second night photo at Etikala village.Photo: Photo: A hug for my new young brother in Jesus Christ.Photo: Praying for those who responded for salvation for the first time the second night. There were 57 first time commitments the second night.Photo: Praying for those who responded for salvation the second night at the same village.Photo: Ricky praying with the women who responded for the first time for salvation.Photo: This was the second nights response of first time commitments to Christ. There were 57 the second night.Photo: The crowd the second night at Etikala village.Photo: The hunger for the word of God and the salvation message was absolutely incredible. Even the children followed the preaching with absolute  attention.Photo: Second night crowd.Photo: Praying over the second nights response for salvation in Jesus Christ.Photo: Praying and hugging my new brother in Christ Jesus. A very young man indeed.Photo: Praying with two young men to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord.Photo: Another new brother in the family of God. Hallelujah !!!Photo: Ricky praying for the women who responded for salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord.Photo: Young and old were coming to Jesus Christ for salvation. Note the age and grey hair of some of these men.Photo: The pastor at this village wept as he seen what God was doing at the evangelistic meetings.Photo: Photo: Preaching the salvation message from the Word of God. Ye must be born again !!!Photo: Photo: Praying for the first time responses the second night.Photo: Many were weeping as they came to Jesus Christ for salvation.Photo: A small token of appreciation from MTM gifted to Sam for hosting an MTM leadership conference as well as the village ministry.Photo: A final commissioning prayer at the pastors conference.Photo: A great privilege and joy in working with these dear brothers for the cause of Jesus Christ in India.Photo: It is always a great joy to work with my dear brother Sam. Blessings to you my dear brother as you continue to exalt Jesus Christ in India.