32 Photos - Oct 20, 2013
Photo: Susana Digel & David Brown at the wedding receptionPhoto: David has served as a missionary in Orissa state of India the past three years and when ever MTM was conducting a conference in the region David would come to the conference. So David has become like a spiritual son to me. I have also know Suzane as well as her family for a number of years.Photo: We traveled approx..7-8 hours from Bhubaneswar to Phulbani where the wedding was located. Some of us traveled by the van while other wedding guest traveled in the bus.Photo: Rest stop time.Photo: We were in Orissa state of India directly on the heels of Cyclone Phailin which went through this region. We seen many trees down as well as power lines down. But the roads had already been cleared. There was very little damage beyond downed trees and power lines.Photo: This is Phulbani where the wedding was located. Due to the cyclone there was no electricity in this city. This is the same city that MTM conducted a pastoral leadership conference in back in February....actually the wedding was in the same church where the conference was conducted.Photo: The bridal couple car heading to the wedding in Phulbani.Photo: Christian weddings in India are a time of great celebrations. This was the welcoming band out on the street welcoming the wedding goers.Photo: I had the great joy and privilege to have part in the weddingPhoto: A local Indian Pastor married David & Suzane.Photo: A special consecration prayer for the new couple. All of these pastors MTM has been working with in Orissa state of India for the past five years.Photo: David's parents....David & Diane Brown from Lancaster County PA.Photo: Suzane's parents. Pastor Pradap & Jyodi who live and have a children's orphanage in Phulbani.Photo: Sisters ... Suzane & Esther.Photo: A very big wedding indeed.Photo: Naomi & I truly were greatly honored to be part of this wedding.Photo: Driving from the church to the wedding reception at PhulbaniPhoto: All the way from the church where the wedding was located to the place of the Phulbani reception ....the band was playing and there was great dancing and celebrating in front of the bridal couples car.Photo: More dancing and celebrating.Photo: The celebrations continued at the wedding reception at Phulbani.Photo: Needless to say the local pastors drew Naomi and I into the celebrations....after all I have know these brothers for more than 5 years.Photo: David & Suzane at the wedding reception at Phulbani.Photo: Photo: The bridal party. David's brother Jonathan and  his brother- in- law Lloyd were part of the bridal party.Photo: David's Family from America.Photo: Suzane's family from Phulbani, India.Photo: Directly after the wedding we traveled most of the night back to Cuttack where we had another wedding reception the next day in the evening. This is at the reception at Cuttack.Photo: More special times at the reception at Cuttack.Photo: Naomi & Suzane. The Indian Sarri that Naomi is wearing was a special gift from Suzane and her family.Photo: Stephen Burkholder (Missionary to Nepal) also was a special invited wedding guest.Photo: I also was asked to preach at the Cuttack reception.Photo: The Indian shirt I am wearing was also a gift from Suzane's family.