32 Photos - Sep 29, 2013
Photo: Full IGo Ministry Team - Back Row, L-R; Clinton Weaver (IGo Student), Zach Miller (IGo Student), Raymond Burkholder & Milo Zehr (MTM Teaching) - Front Row;  Rosa King (IGo Ransom & MTM teaching), Sarah Good (IGo Student), Cindalyn Lantz (IGo Ransom & MTM Teaching), Rose Yoder (IGo Ransom & MTM Teaching), Joy Cressman (IGo Student).Photo: Ludhiana Pastoral Leadership Training Full Group.Photo: Milo Zehr & Myself with Pastor Pradeep & his wife SashiPhoto: Pastor Pradeep served as the MTM conference coordinator as well as my interpreter. I felt it a great honor to partner with this brother in the building of Gods Kingdom in Northern India.Photo: This photo was taken Sunday morning as we ministered in the same church the conference was conducted in through out the week.Photo: This dear couple ask me to pray for their first new born child which had a birth illness.Photo: These brothers were worship leaders at the conference. Note the air pump organ the one brother is playing.Photo: The hunger for the word of God was very invigorating. Note the brothers in the front row with their Bibles and taking notes.Photo: Rosa King teaching the ladies class. This is such an honor and privilege for these dear sisters as they seldom get this opportunity to have their own separate teaching for women.Photo: The IGo Ransom MTM Women's Ministry Teaching Team. L-R, Cindalyn Lantz, Rosa King & Rose Yoder.Photo: Rosa teaching with her Indian sister translating. This Indian sister had a small baby that Sashi would take care of while she translated.Photo: Brother Milo teaching through his interpreter. Brother Milo was teaching on the Suffering Servant Leader. His teaching was excellent and very practical for these dear pastors.Photo: Teaching with Pastor Pradeep as my interpreter.Photo: Pastor Pradeep with his dear queen. We really learned to appreciate this dear couple.Photo: Each day they would prepare and bake the Roti (bread) right there at the conference with this open flame.Photo: Between sessions we would take a break for Indian tea (very delicious).Photo: The four IGo students all cramped into the back seat of a small car. This was our primary transportation between the conference location and our hotel.Photo: In one of the latter evening sessions Pastor Pradeep & I sensed a need for an invitation of response. God truly came and visited us as most all of the leaders responded to be living sacrifices for the Lord in doing His work. It is God moments like these that make the sacrifice of doing God's work worth it all. Blessed Be God Alone !!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Honoring Pastor Pradeep with a small token of appreciation for his hard work in coordinating a MTM conference.Photo: This region of India is where the Sikh religion (Turbin head wrap) people originate from. There were even some of them at the conference. Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world.Photo: In a weeks time of ministry there is much heart bonding with these dear brothers and sisters.Photo: Saying good bye as we parted ways.Photo: There are multitudes of Sikh temples in this part of India.Photo: After a full week of ministry there is much exhaustion as we traveled by bus from Ludhiana back to Chandigarh.Photo: Some scenes along the way as we traveled from Ludhiana to Chandigarh.Photo: Photo: These man wanted a picture with me on the last day of the conference. The brother on the far left is the pastor of the church where we conducted the conference.Video: Brother Milo mentioned the driving in his article. Watch this video and look for the big yellow bus on our side of the road. The noise you hear is me steaming out for I was sure we were going to hit...but somehow we all squeezed by without hitting.Photo: More scenes along the way.