48 Photos - Jul 7, 2013
Photo: The full IGo-MTM ministry team on the way back to Chiang Mai, Thailand in the Bangkok airport. Front Row -L-R; Alisha Rutt, Sandra Mast (wife of Caleb behind her and she was took ill in Kathmandu) & Laura Martin. Back Row; Raymond & Naomi Burkholder, Marilyn King, Caleb Mast, Judy & Merle Flory, Rosa King & Rachel King.Photo: The MTM Teaching Team. Judy & Merle Flory, Raymond & Naomi Burkholder. Marilyn King, Rosa King & Rachel King. We really have no idea what the sign says in front of our guest house ... someone suggested something about a dog. But most likely it says something about the "street being under construction". For so it was.Photo: Merle & Judy Flory. They came all the way from Ellensburg, Washington to serve as guest teacher with MTM. Merle & Judy first visited Chiang Mai, Thailand before traveling with us to Nepal. Merle and Judy will be moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand and joining MTM as assistant director later this year. Pray for them as they prepare to make the move to Thailand and Make Disciples Of All Nations. Our love and prayers are with you Merle & Judy ~ Raymond & NaomiPhoto: In Nepal they have their Holy day on Saturday. Merle ministered in Pastor Anand's church. Pastor Anand is on the far right with his wife Pricilla in front of him and their son Aaron on the far right. The other girls are all his orphan children in their orphan home. Pastor Anand was also our MTM conference coordinator. MTM has been working with Pastor Anand now for several years in several projects. We have learned to greatly appreciate him as a sincere servant of our Lord and count it a great privilege and honor to partner with him.Photo: IGo Students were also part of the ministry team. Jonathan Schrock (IGo Alumni) Alisha Rutt, Laura Martin, Caleb & Sandra Mast & Mike King (Mike is also IGo alumni).Photo: IGo students ministering at Pastor Anand's church.Photo: Naomi & I traveled to Pastor Ishwar's church to minister on Saturday. His church is located in the oldest part of the Kathmandu city. It is called Bhaktapur.Photo: We had Marilyn, Rosa & Rachel with us to Bhaktapur. Here they are in the old city with Pastor Ishwar's wife Chandigar.Photo: This woman is giving us the typical Nepalese greeting of "Namaste" in Bhaktapur.Photo: This is Pastor Ishwar's son Daniel. I had the joy and privilege of dedicating him to the Lord and naming him a year ago. So he is like my Nepalese grandson. Blessed be God !!!Photo: Praying for the sick at Pastor Ishwar's churchPhoto: Sweet fellowship after the church service at Bhaktapur.Photo: The full MTM conference group at Kathmandu, Nepal.Photo: It is monsoon season in Nepal and it rained often. This was the path to the church where the conference was conducted.Photo: This is the kitchen area right by the church.Photo: Serving lunch at the conference.Photo: This is lunch fellowship time and place.Photo: Daily we would take lunch with those who attended the conference. A blessed time of fellowship.Photo: Sincere dedicated listeners drink in the Word of God ... they sit as you see all day long. Each session was about an hour long and we had 4 sessions per day.Photo: They practice segregated seating ... which was a blessing when teaching on marriage and the family.Photo: Photo: Brother Merle taught on "Preparing The Ministry For Kingdom Involvement". Here he is introducing his wife, Judy. All teaching is through an interpreter.Photo: Here brother Merle is teaching on walking in the Spirit and not fulfilling the lust of the flesh. He is using the hanging garments as an illustration. One represents the flesh and the other one the Spirit.Photo: Merle teaching with Pastor Depak as his interpreter.Photo: Here brother Merle is teaching on surrender. He used the Hebrew slave illustration of boring a hole through the ear with an awl ... "a free man I will never be because I love my Master".  He also illustrated the Savior & self. (Three points ... Slave, Savior & Self). Very powerful illustrative teaching indeed !!!Photo: Here Merle is illustrating how in the Spirit of Jesus Christ we can bind the flesh to obey the Lord !!!Photo: The IGo-MTM ministry team ministering in song at the conference. On the far left is brother Stephen Burkholder. He is serving with IGo-EQUIP Ministry in Nepal.Photo: Sister Rosa along with Marilyn & Rachel taught a young ladies class at the conference. This is a very important class at these conferences as most of the women do not understand their precious value in the sight of God.Photo: MTM has partnered with Pastor Anand in recent years to print Christian literature in the Nepalese language. There is little to no Christian literature in Nepal. We have printed more than 60,000 booklets in three titles in Nepal. Here we are freely distributing them at the conference. Two of those titles were on the Christian home ... and that was the subject I was requested to teach on.Photo: Pastor Pradeep came all the way from western Nepal. Two days bus ride. He was simply delighted and overwhelmed with joy for the teaching and Christian literature.Photo: Here I am introducing "My Queen". It was a great joy and blessing to have her with me since I was teaching on marriage and the Christian family.Photo: I taught on the marriage of Adam, Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church, wives see that you reverence your husbands as well as child training (which is quite obvious in this picture). Stephen was willing to help me in some role playing.Photo: Needless to say they loved this graphic illustration.Photo: This was another illustration from Isaiah 44:3-5. How God will pour out His Spirit upon the offspring if Dad is thirsty for God. This was the last session and beautifully brought both subjects  together as one.Photo: The hunger for the word of God was very invigorating. Many were taking notes. This dear pastor was around 70 years old and was continually writing down notes of the teaching.Photo: Photo: Note this young pastors Bible ... all marked up. Note the sisters on the other side of the isle writing down notes.Photo: There were numerous testimonies after the teaching sessions. God had plowed deeply on many hearts. Blessed be God !!!Photo: As a ministry team we were honored with lovely gifts.Photo: MTM honored Pastor Anand with a gift of appreciation for hosting and facilitating a wonderful conference.Photo: This dear young couple was recently married and was greatly touched by the teaching. Their commitment was to allow God to use their marriage and children for ministry to His glory.Photo: Here brother Merle is looking over the expense record of the conference with Pastor Anand. MTM pays up to 80% of the conference costs so all pastors have the blessed opportunity to receive the teaching.Photo: After the conference we visited Pastor Tulshi and his family. Pastor Tulshi has traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the past three years to attend our IGo Asian Bible School.Photo: This was on our way to Pastor Tulshi's house. These brave sisters crossed this mud hole as if it was main street normal city side walk.Photo: Cows rule the street in Kathmandu. This be Hindu culture. You kill a cow and it is life in prison.Photo: We spend an evening with Matt & Heidi Musser for Dinner. Matt & Heidi are IGo-EQUIP missionaries living in Kathmandu Nepal. Stephen Burkholder is also part of this ministry. EQUIP is an native orphanage sponsorship program that ministers under IGo in partnership with Christian Aid Ministry.Photo: Here we are all staggered by the great gospel needs of Nepal. Nepal has thousands of Himalayan villages which have never heard the name of Jesus one single time. The heart beat of MTM is to empower native leaders and Christians thru teaching so they would reach their own unreached for Jesus Christ.Photo: Pastor Anand and his wife Priscilla and their son Aaron joined us at Matt's for our last supper together in Nepal.