295 Photos - Apr 5, 2014
Photo: Gerg & Chris w/ 8" of 44psi EPS in the footing forms ...Photo: ... Jonah clears clay for "the laying of the fabric" as Chris examines the 10mil Stego-lined footing forms (w/ wide skirts of Stego "accordioned" into the side & taped) ...Photo: ... all troweled out.Photo: ... basement windows ...Photo: Indigo grinds out discrepencies in the wall ...Photo: ... after cleaning the footing we unfold the Stego air/vapor/radon retarder & prepare to seal the slab ...Photo: ... leveling the stone & pad EPS for ctr. post ...Photo: ... the entire house will rest upon this foam ...Photo: ... note cutout for ctr. post slab ...Photo: ...Photo: ... shootin' for .3ACH @50P ...Photo: Photo: ...Photo: Photo: Photo: Reinforcement for the ctr. post pad ...Photo: Photo: Our foundation THERM.Photo: Foundation detail.Photo: ... 6x8 sill plates leveled & ready for the TF!  (Gerg needed the files & torch to convince one of the sill bolts to take its nut.)Photo: Gerg heads down into the pit w/ fasteners for "Stego Day" ...Photo: ... the recycled layer protects the Stego from any puncture threats we might have missed w/ the grinder; then the recycled plastic layer is covered by the 10mil Stego ...Photo: ...Photo: ... note th@ there are no vertical seams on these walls ...Photo: Bracing the foam & awaiting the next 8" layer.  The Stego wraps the footing which sets atop foam ...Photo: ... outside layer (9 footers) extends all the way down to the stone below the foam which is below the footer ...Photo: ... Recycled 7" EPS on far left, 1" EPS to make 8" next; 8" ouside layer next & braced; all fastened w/ spots or seams of EPS sprayfoam adhesive ...Photo: S. side: 2" stone over drains & below footing foam, wrapped footings & walls.Photo: ... w/ the wire cutter.Photo: Transitioning from Stego tape to Rissan, from recycled 7" EPS to new.Photo: ... corner detail.Photo: James Drysdale, SIGA rep, Chris, Indigo ...Photo: Foaming around the basment window bucks ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: 65' of Platon w/ Curtis' hanger clips installed ...Photo: ... base of wall stoned & exposed ...Photo: ... here comes the Platon!Photo: ...Photo: Clay remediation on the S.: fabric cleaned & peeled back, new stone against Platon ...Photo: ...Photo: ... caulking ...Photo: ... vertical Platon seam sealed, drainage remediated: stone 4" up the Platon & new fabric layed down ...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Son, Geoff, helps out.Photo: Photo: Photo: Master bedroom inside wall on.Photo: For the sake of the air barrier: TJI flange holes are pre-drilled, behind the DB+ the cedar sheathing has been caulked w/ R-Guard, there's Tescon Vana @ the penetration point, as well as a gob of Contega caulk (seen here squeezing out) ...Video: ... another lecture ...Photo: Looking down @ where the roof's Intello+ meets the wall's DB+.Photo: ... to allow OSB overlap & attachment w/ glued & screwed ply sandwiches.Photo: ... setting the pipe depth in the wall cavity (we're using scraps of 60mil EPDM from the roofing ...Photo: ... insulating the pipe from the concrete where it passes thru the 6 x 8 band joist.Photo: Brab demonstrates the size of our DPC wall cavities.Photo: ... our undersized EPDM holes ...Video: ... plastic over window & door bucks; sensors installed; water, drain, sewer, electrical in; DPC done.Video: The has a li'l caster under the outside corner.  Only two levels of weatherstripping.Video: ... setting more ply ...Photo: Video: ...Video: Video: ....Video: ... a pain in the butt, but necessary.Photo: Doing the 7' mullion foam-overs ...Photo: CERV extracts for bath & kitchen.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: ....Photo: Window bucks protected from rain under temp roof.Photo: Ready for the roof.Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: Ctr.-of-bldg. access hole for roof envelope monitoring in upper left, N.E. corner smaller test hole @ bottom right.Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: Owner/designer-guy helps move the light-as-a-feather pine decking to the roof.Photo: Trimming back for the fascia boards.Photo: W. & S. fascia done.Photo: Starting the N. wall "smart" air barrier install: Platon, 16" EPS, 10mil Stego, Rissan holds DA-S (note R-Guard where vertical TJI will be fastened) ...Photo: ...Photo: ... 4 x 6 blocking allows TJI's to be fastened to 6 x 8 sill band joists ...Photo: ... the "blessing" applicator is applied to the Vana ...Photo: Owner/designer guy hangs down over edge of roof to take pic of builder guy's butt as he reaches into roof cavity (DPC cavities are 3' x 16") to run ethernet monitoring wires.Photo: Preparing to attach the Solitex Mento+ under the BIG S. windows, run it across the 16" EPS foundation foam & then up the outside of the TJI's.Photo: ...Photo: I missed the part where we routed a 5/8" depression into the pine deck to accommodate our equipment, but here's the next step ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: N. wall: flanges on vertical & horiz. (roof) TJI's cut back so's OSB web can overlap (other side, next pic) & be glued & screwed (w/ scrap ply backing plates) to form continuous inverted "U" of sorta-thermal-bridge-free 16" DPC insulation envelope ...Photo: N. wall ...Photo: Bottom of outer flange of TJI's notched to take 1.5" x 5" failsafe board for massive-window support backup - just in case.  Around corner is E. door.Photo: Sill step-up for full-width S. window assy.Photo: ... detail.Photo: Preparing for a door box ...Photo: ...Photo: Although the Mento+ goes down & then back to the bldg., we don't want bulk water to follow it.  So we bridge it w/ the Rissan to keep the water outboard.Photo: Fiberboard down.Photo: Almost ready for the drip edge.Photo: Water chute detail to keep all water shedding on the 2 N. corners.Photo: Nice view of the S. & N. top-of-wall detail.Photo: 5 guys on the E. wall: (clockwise from top left) Curtis, Chris, Ira, Jon, Indigo.  (Note flying battens.)Photo: ... our final reading ...Photo: ... for our 1.5 cm.-spaced moisture sensing probes.  (No, the smoke is not going up my nose.)Photo: Inside the roof, Chris points to the pine deck.Photo: A pair of homemade passive moisture sensor extensions.Photo: Spelunking Chris labors w/in the roof as I take a pic of the ceiling from the 2nd floor.Photo: Inside the cavity, pin pairs were spaced w/ a template @ 1.5 cm.Photo: Clever variation in labeling keeps the installation engineer on his toes!Photo: More of the Skywalk framing is done.Photo: Chris @ the N.E. roof corner sensor area finishing off the 3 Powerwise & 3 passive moisture probe extension pairs.Photo: SS soldered probes in the pine deck & 2x6 layers of the roof.Photo: Chris in left cavity pushing wires thru to next cavity - on their way to the center roof access panel in the loft ceiling.Photo: L - R: PowerWise pack on 2x6; probes on 2x6 & pine; cable to fiberboard sensor pack ...Photo: Center roof pass-thru for cabling in ceiling of loft.  (No pic of the tape sealing of the EPDM gasket.)Photo: NW ...Photo: ... w/ 2 PowerWise, a wire for Racusin's outdoor temp sensor, & 3 passive prongs.Photo: Gerg tests all the sensors one-@-a-time AGAIN after installation ...Photo: ... all 12 CAT 5 cables coming down into the basement.Photo: Gerg unzipping the water heater jacket.  We're gonna really insulate this baby!Photo: The answer to: "What happens w/ the static charge in the DPC hose?"Photo: ... posts done.Photo: Sassy, Chris, Indigo, Ira, Curtis just before we drop the plastic wrap.Photo: The li'l 5x10 kitchen window arrives ...Photo: ... one of the 3 7 x 10 living room windows (on its side).  (Bailey yawns.)Photo: 95# for each of you.Photo: ... Ira & I made short work of it.Photo: Cleaning up ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: Indigo sands the 2nd floor ...Photo: Gerg routes the sensor wires to the basement.Photo: Water manifolds in place; starting on the PowerWise & eMonitor sensor systems.Photo: ... pix.Photo: We're bldg. teh kitchen counter low 'cuz Brab's 4'9".Photo: Too low for Dad ...Photo: ... but just right for Her Smallness.Photo: Ooops, looks like Gerg won't be doing any dishes.Photo: Folks from WI, WA, NE, NS, MA, ME, DC, IL, etc. attend to Gerg & ...Photo: Indigo continues work on the ...Photo: ...Photo: Oh boy!  The bathroom cabinet/counter (std. height).Photo: A door is just a small wall th@ moves - no compromises!Photo: As much EPS as possible hiding the frame; metal pan broken ("braked"?) on site; all local cedar; breahting room under the side pieces; Geocel where metal meets frame under weep holes; edge of metalwedged into place 'til the Orcon F sets up.Photo: We've shimmed up the countertop 2" for Mom (can be removed for Brab or boosted further for "regular" folks.  (Hole for drop-in induction cooktop.)Photo: Scrap wood spacer/shims carry foam plane out to edge of sill to support the birch ply & the 5"-wide cherry nose.Photo: Our "passivjacke" DHW enclosure loses 80BTU/hr.; conventional new DHW heater loses 295.  It is also a plumbing-less, duct-less backup heat source for the bldg. - prolly never needed.  The door actuating motor will be disconnected & the door lashed tightly shut for 8 - 10 mos.  The door will be released to actuator control only during heating season, when a li'l leakage is tolerable.Photo: ...Photo: ... the ceiling & joists you see here are temporary (for safety & convenience) & will be removed soon ...Photo: ... crane is gone after 3 hrs. ...Photo: ... removing a 550# IG unit ...Photo: ... so's we can screw, foam & caulk the frames together ...Photo: ... Gerg's red sneakers on 2nd floor, looking down on the IG unit @ toes, frame in front of th@, Jason on 10' step ladder ...Photo: ... Gerg takes a pic of Norm taking a pic ...Photo: ... note 2x4 temp. braces @ 2nd floor level ...Photo: ... big IG unit back in place as Indigo holds the empty frame of the li'l 3 x 7 ...Photo: ...Photo: ... Indigo (our CPHC & keeper of the PHPP) sets about sealing up this baby ...Photo: Matt Sargent of Efficiency VT checks things out & gives always-valuable advice.Photo: Chris begins the pans: 7deg. EPS "Orf'd" (Orcon F) to the Solitex Mento ...Photo: Pine slabs for kitchen S. sill/counter, living room sill noses; shading device slats & supports to the right.Photo: Gerg & Norm plane cherry boards for sills & bathroom counter.Photo: Dad watches Chris cut the counter slab.Photo: ... dry-fitting.Photo: The slot for the kitchen sink faucet.Photo: ... Fisher Paykel drawer dishwasher.Photo: Ahhhh, the temporary ceiling has been removed ...Photo: Mom urethan's a door.Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ... Orcon F ("Orf") sqeezes out in the foam-over ...Photo: ... crawling up the mullion ...Photo: FINALLY!  Releasing the plastic ...Photo: ...Photo: ... EXPOSED!Photo: Brab urethanes the kitchen.Photo: We'd preped the S. & W. cedar w/ UV-protective stain before installation.  Here our neighbor, John Haynes, works on the E. wall & the eaves.Photo: Early in the day, John is not yet covered w/ stain himself.Photo: A troublesome detail: the upper 3' x 7' windows in the stacks needed weep hole extensions thru the foam-overs ...Photo: ...Photo: Our corner gargoyle.Photo: Pushing the envelope ...Photo: ... .22ACH@50P ....Photo: ... except for the W. door.Photo: Brab urethanes casing.Photo: Mom urethanes S. kitchen counter.Photo: Chris wrestles w/ the CERV ...Photo: Morning sun.Photo: Sun comes around the W. side.Photo: ...Photo: From the bedroom door.Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: John sands & oils.Photo: ....Photo: Mtn. & clouds in the windows.Photo: Note outside post & window frame - we're checking our original estimates.Photo: Dry fitting our doorway foam-over ...Photo: Should the CERV intake filter & it's ductwork live inside the envelope, with all the concomitant condensation & thermal issues ---- NO!Photo: The 1st floor-to-basement spiral staircase has morphed into a 1/2 floor & trapdoor affair.Photo: Dad works on the portable staircase for the 2nd floor access.Photo: Moving day in the bedroom.Photo: Bath.Photo: BathPhoto: 2nd floor w/ closet stub wall & CERV supply.Photo: 2nd floorPhoto: Bldg. the floor/trap door ...Photo: Lonnie & Tim, of Hutchins Roofing, attend to the porch roof - now th@ our fledglings have flown.Photo: From W. cherry threshold to roof rafter: lookin' pretty spiffy.Photo: Fully loaded & sensored panel.Photo: Stairway simply sets into the french clip w/o any attachments; posts slip in & out of pockets; rails & their pegs slip into the posts; very light-weight pine we'd milled on site for main house flooring.  Note trap door in background.  3 kids stayed upstairs for a week & used stair as jungle gym & played "king of the mtn." - no problems.Photo: 2 rings of weatherstripping on doors, 1 on the jam.Photo: Gettin' there.Photo: ....Photo: In use.Photo: Testing the rain handling plan.Photo: ... keeping scrap poly out of the dump.Photo: Our house-warming party, where heros, neighbors, friends, interested folks & relatives celebrated - & learned a li'l.Photo: Beginning the assembly of Shading Device, beta.Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ... 16' long, 19" twixt slats ...Photo: ... Now trying it w/ four slats, but need the winch on left post @ bottom ...Photo: ... there it is.Photo: ... the current state of affairs w/ the beta.Photo: Finally moved in, Dad enjoys a cigar.Photo: Mtn. & clouds in the windows.Photo: During Matt's "PHIUS rater" visit Indigo & Chris work on details.Photo: Ben updates the firmware of the CERV.Photo: Photo: Working on air balancing & PHPP specs.Photo: Performing pressureization & de-pressurizing measurements: about 2.8ACH@50p.Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: ...Photo: Ira: "I can't believe you guys are admiring your own work over lunch."  (Jon, Ira, Indigo, Chris)Photo: Ready to take down the shading device for the year.Photo: Mom comes out just after the lowering.  Now it comes apart & is stored 'til next summer.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: