27 Photos - Apr 24, 2012
Photo: At Paro.Photo: Prayer flags.Photo: These 'Tsa-Tsa' or miniature chortens may be seen all over Bhutan, placed in caves or even in rocky niches along the hill roads.Photo: Driving in Bhutan was a pleasure. Roads are built and maintained by B.R.O. Though the Swift performed admirably, I wished I had a SUV!Photo: Photo: Tata Power plays a big role in hydro power generation, transmission and distribution.Photo: A waitress at a cafeteria in Thimphu.Photo: Prayer wheels are everywhere -- people are deeply religious.Photo: Photo: Photo: Memorial Chorten at Thimphu.Photo: View of Thimphu town from Buddha Point.Photo: 'Buddha Point' atop a hill is a big ongoing project in Thimphu aided by China. This huge bronze statue was shipped from China to Thimphu in several smaller sections which have been joined together.Photo: Takin -- the national animal of Bhutan. At the small zoo in Thimphu.Photo: The Trashichodzong, or the 'fortress of the glorious religion', is the seat of government and the headquarters of the clergy in Thimphu.
The original dzong was built in 1216. It suffered three major fires over the centuries and was rebuilt three times. It was enlarged in the 1960s to become the symbol of the new capital after Punakha.Photo: Everybody in Bhutan is attired in their national dress, even school children.Photo: Almost every building in Bhutan uses traditional Bhutanese architecture.Photo: The old wooden bridge across a river leading to Rinpung Dzong at Paro.Photo: View of Paro town from Rinpung Dzong.Photo: Inside Rinpung Dzong.Photo: An artist creating traditional Bhutanese paintings. But why does he hate himself?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Taktsang or 'Tiger's Nest' near Paro. It took me 2.5 hours to trek up to Taktsang and another 1.5 hours to climb down. A must-do in Bhutan for those who like trekking.