51 Photos - Jul 11, 2013
Photo: Cass (AG6NT), Joe (KC6ZZT) and Patrick (KJ6UHO) setting up.Photo: Cass (AG6NT) hanging signs on a Field Day pavilion.Photo: Jerry (KT6CRT) with his emergency radio setup.Photo: Jerry (KT6CRT) *is* prepared for the Big One :-)Photo: Joe (KC6ZZT) and Michael John (KF6YRG) showing how its done old school.Photo: Fran (KF6UVB) talking to Texas Boy Scouts.Photo: Rose (K6LEZ) and Ruth (KI6TYZ) double teaming guest sign in.Photo: Al (KG6HM), Joe (KC6ZZT) and Michael John (KF6YRG) working CW.Photo: Al (KG6HM) getting a first timer on the air :-)Photo: Al (KG6HM) and friend - first on-the-air contact!Photo: Joe (KC6ZZT) and Michael John (KF6YRG)  working CW.Photo: Jerry (KT6CRT) and Ron (KF6LSY) in the CERT pavilion.Photo: Rose (K6LEZ) explaining Field day to a visitor.Photo: Alameda CERT MDU's, ARCA's antennas and lots of pavilions...Photo: Lea (KJ6BNS) and Howard (K6SID) working 15 and 20 meters with PSK31 in an MDU.Photo: CERT and CW pavilions in front of one of the MDUs.Photo: Sam (KJ6AF) working SSB on 15 and 20 meters.Photo: Dean with a CERT medical kit.Photo: Doug (KI6BZT) and Rose (K6LEZ) at the VHF/UHF station.Photo: Jim Latham (AF6AQ) visiting.Photo: Jim Latham (AF6AQ) with Bruce (KI6CYT).Photo: Jim Latham (AF6AQ) with Jerry (KT6CRT).Photo: Rose (K6LEZ) and Ron (KF6LSY) at the VHF/UHF station.Photo: Al (KG6HM) and Fran (KG6HM) at the GOTA station.Photo: Doug (KI6BZT) and Michael John (KF6YRG) working CW.Photo: Rose (K6LEZ) and Marianne (KI6MTU) comparing radios.Photo: Rose (K6LEZ) and Marianne (KI6MTU) explaining ARRL, ARES and CERT.Photo: Doug (KI6BZT) and Bruce (KI6CYT) - how are we doing?Photo: Dean and Carmen manning the CERT display.Photo: Jerry (KT6CRT) explaining ARES and CERT to a visitor.Photo: Joe (KC6ZZT) signing in a visitor.Photo: Rose (K6LEZ), Madeleine Biskintaoui (AF6NL) and Richard Fateman.Photo: Bruce (KI6CYT) and Madeleine Biskintaoui (AF6NL) with Richard Fateman.Photo: Bruce (KI6CYT), Cass (AG6NT), Madeleine Biskintaoui (AF6NL) and Richard FatemanĀ in the MDU.Photo: Al receiving CW.Photo: Jerry (KT6CRT) showing the MDU to Linda and friends.Photo: Fred (KI6BES) with Marianne (KI6MTU) and Joann - enjoying the day!Photo: Backside of the pavilions - where the antennas are ;-)Photo: Business end of an MDU.Photo: We like to start them early :-)Photo: Bruce (KI6CYT) with Jim Tiemstra (K6JAT) and Bob Vallio (W6RGG).Photo: Ricci Zombeck visiting.Photo: Bruce (KI6CYT) and Fred (KI6BES) with Ricci Zombeck.Photo: Wade's son checks out an MDU.Photo: Wade taking a break.Photo: Eric (KJ6UHP) Showing off CERT emergency gear.Photo: Bruce (KI6CYT), Jerry (KT6CRT) and Sam (KJ6AF) showing Jim Tiemstra (K6JAT) and Bob Vallio (W6RGG) the MDU.Photo: Jim Tiemstra (K6JAT) and Bob Vallio (W6RGG) talking with Sam (KJ6AF) and Bruce (KI6CYT).Photo: John Rabold (KS6M) visiting.Photo: Michael John (KF6YRG) talking with John Rabold (KS6M).Photo: The K6QLF Field Day crew celebrating a successful day!