31 Photos - Jun 9, 2013
Photo: Holding down the fort at the CERT MDUPhoto: All together nowPhoto: Dean and RonPhoto: Setting up the CW stationPhoto: Assembling the dipolePhoto: Antennas everywherePhoto: G5RV going upPhoto: Howard and his PSK31 setupPhoto: In the spirit of the event :-)Photo: DavidPhoto: Cass and PatrickPhoto: David warming up his Rig ExpertPhoto: Activity everywhere...Photo: AlPhoto: Firing up the MDU generatorPhoto: VHF/UHF stationPhoto: VHF/UHF in good hands :-)Photo: Bruce tweaking his BuddipolePhoto: TroubleshootingPhoto: Getting it right on 40 metersPhoto: Ready to go for Field Day!Photo: More BuddipolesPhoto: 40 meter vertical going upPhoto: Michael JohnPhoto: 15 meter dipole, measured exactlyPhoto: Checking out the dipolePhoto: Humor is everything!Photo: The CW crew warming upPhoto: Taking a breakPhoto: Hydraulic is nice!Photo: Catching up