52 Photos - Mar 21, 2009
Photo: Please e-mail me at the above address to inquire about prices for any of the designs you see here.  Also, I will be glad to give you a quote on any custom item you want me to build.  Thanks for looking!Photo: Walnut Shaker style drop-leaf table. Beautiful and versatile, this table is only 14 inches deep with leaves down and quite unobtrusive.  But, when you need a bigger workspace, it expands to 28 inches with both leaves up.  36 inches wide and 29 inches high.Photo: The same table with the leaves raised.  Notice the beautifully knotted black walnut.  I was able to "butterfly" the two top boards and the two leaves; They came from two sequentially sawn planks of the same tree.Photo: In this flash photo, you can see a little bit of the apron of the table base.Photo: TV stand, made from spalted maple, hickory, and walnut. See next photo for details. (TV not included!)Photo: The same TV stand.  Measures 48 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and 12 inches high.Photo: Raised-panel CD cabinet, made from spalted maple (doors) and poplar (case).  Can hang on a wall, as shown, or sit on a shelf.  Detail photos follow.Photo: Raised-panel CD cabinet.  Beautiful spalted maple panels create a striking facade.  Cabinet measures 37 inches wide, 7 inches deep, and 18 inches high.  Inside view in next photo.Photo: Raised-panel CD cabinet.  Inside you can store approximately 200 CDs in their cases.Photo: Adirondack chairs.  Perfect for watching the world go by, sipping a beverage of your choice.  Made from weather resistant cedar; paint optional.Photo: Curved front wall cabinet.  Maple, spalted maple, and poplar.  21 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and 31 inches high. See an inside view in the next photo.Photo: Inside the curved front wall cabinetPhoto: Small bookcase.  My daughter needed a bookcase for her small appartment.  Walnut and maple.  24 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 48 inches high.Photo: Cherry desk.  I made this desk for my wife, Christie.  I patterned it after an antique desk her mother owns.  48 inches wide, 29 inches deep, and 29 inches high.Photo: Christie liked the desk so much she asked me to build her some shelves for it.  I designed and built these hanging shelves with pigeonholes.  Spalted maple.  49 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 7.5 inches high.Photo: Cherry bedside table.  Designed to coordinate with Christie's desk (see previous photos), I made two of these. Don't know what we did without them!  18 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 26 inches high.Photo: Plant stand.  Walnut with maple shelves. Elegant lines make this stand one of my favorites.  I've made many of these using a variety of woods and combinations.  12 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 28 inches high.Photo: Plant stand.  Here's another stand using the same design as in the previous photo. Walnut and (you guessed it) spalted maple.Photo: Large multi-wood Suburst made from walnut, oak, and maple.  Perfect for a large interior space.  The rays are about 32 inches long. Total diameter:  64 inches. (Commisioned by Miller and Shedor, Attornies at Law.  Now hanging in their Cary, NC office.)Photo: Corner detail of large Sunburst.Photo: Another large Sunburst, constructed from Chatham county red cedar.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. Diameter: 60 inches.Photo: Large red cedar sunburst (upper left) with its two younger siblings (3/4 scale and 1/2 scale) on display at a local art show.Photo: This sunburst has cherry center wedges (alternating dark and light) with hard maple rays.Photo: Cherry platform bed (Queen size), under construction.  Photo taken during "dry" assembly trial (i.e., no glue). (Please ignore tractor!)Photo: The same cherry bed in near-complete condition.  What a difference a few coats of lacquer make!Photo: The same cherry bed.  The owners of the bed will put a queen mattress on top of the horizontal slats.  No box spring!Photo: The horizontal slats are pegged in place to keep them from sliding around under the mattress.Photo: The back of the headboard showing the 40 inch radius curve of the upper headboard.Photo: The bed looking very comfortable in its new home.Photo: Maple Corner Desk.  Unfortunately, the only available corner in my house isn't quite big enough to contain it.  The front measures 52 inches and each side is 37 inches. Can you find the secret drawer?Photo: Corner Desk with notebook computer for scale.Photo: The opened computer will fit under the shelf.Photo: Corner Desk drawer detail.Photo: The Corner Desk in its new home!  Ready for many productive years ahead.Photo: Cherry-topped trestle table.  This Shaker-style table has a solid cherry top (48"X30"X3/4") and a painted yellow pine base.  (Chairs not included.)Photo: The original plans for this table called for a bigger top (72"X32") and a correspondingly longer base, but my client needed something in the 4 foot range, so I scaled down the plans.Photo: The table top is finished with several coats of lacquer and a thin coat of wax.Photo: The top is fastened to the base with four "buttons" underneath.Photo: Photo: ... And here's the young fellow with his mother at their new home.  (A sibling bench is in the works!)Photo: Photo: Sculpture Pedestal
Here shown with pot plant for scale.
Constructed from 3/4" red oak plywood with red oak trim.Photo: Sculpture Pedestal
42" high, 18 1/2" square top,
14 1/2" square bottomPhoto: Sculpture Pedestal
Close up.Photo: And here's the pedestal surmounted by an awe inspiring western sculpture.Photo: Here's a selection of what I call wine tables.  These little tables are perfect as side tables or mini coffee tables.  Whatever your beverage, they'll serve it with style.  17 inches tall, 8X20 inch base, 8x15 inch top.  Pictured clockwise from left are Eastern Red Cedar, Ambrosia Maple, Black Walnut, and Cherry.Photo: Coup Stick Display Case.  This is a custom made display case for Native American staffs call coup sticks.  The coup sticks stand upright and protrude through the holes in the glass top. Lights below the glass illuminate the decorative tops.  See the next photo for an example of how the case is being used.Photo: Coup Stick Display Case in its new home.  The case is made from Black Walnut and measures 6 feet long, 40 inches tall and 10 inches deep.Photo: Eastern red cedar plant stand with two levels.  Made from trees I harvested locally and milled in my shop.  68" long, 18" deep, and 20" high.  Assembled with carriage bolts and nuts.Photo: Red cedar plant stand in it's new home!Photo: Walnut slab coffee table with patinated steel base.  This table shows off the natural tree form, including knot holes and sap wood edges.Photo: Another view of the Walnut slab coffee table, showing the two Nakashima-style "butterflies" at the left, which stabilize a crack.  The steel base was designed and fabricated by my nephew, Kevin, a local metal smith.