51 Photos - Jul 9, 2011
Photo: This is a collection of 50 designs made with about 50 pieces.  Well, 58, actually, but many of them are very small, as you can see.  The challenge was to demonstrate the expressive power of a very limited but versatile toolkit.Photo: A dog.  Specifically, our dog Kepler.  Here he is wagging his tail because he's about to get a treat.  Good dog!Photo: A cat.  Specifically, our cat Zorro scratching the carpet, which he's not allowed to do but does anyway.Photo: A horse.Photo: A dragon.  I just finished watching Game of Thrones.Photo: A person.  They're wearing orange shorts and an orange t-shirt.  It's a good look.Photo: A wind turbine.  I think wind energy is pretty cool, so it deserved a design.  I would have made some solar panels, but they would be even more boring to look at.Photo: A rocketship.Photo: Pythagorean spaceship.  The 6x1 white pieces are places as hypotenii of 3-4-5 right triangles.  I've never seen this in a Lego-designed kit, but it's a legit connection.Photo: A hovercrafty thing.Photo: An origami crane.  I was playing Heavy Rain when I made this one.Photo: A tree.Photo: A heart.  I made this for my wife for Valentine's day.  It was extremely difficult to get a recognizable heart.  This is the only design that is totally disconnected.Photo: A city.  I wanted to make a city to get a variety of scales in the designs.Photo: Music notation.  The G-clef symbol was tricky; I couldn't make it all one color and still have a note.Photo: ABC-123.Photo: A speedboat in action.  It was fun to get the angles and fins to fit a speedboat style, and the pieces played along with this idea.Photo: Rock, paper, scissors!  I couldn't make a good rock, but I was happy with the scissors.Photo: A house and car.Photo: Helicopter.  The challenge was getting the blades to look decent.Photo: Two racers.  I built this around when Tron:Legacy came out, and I was thinking of the colored racer bikes featured in both movies (old & new).Photo: Spaceship.Photo: The Statue of Liberty.  I think this model is a bit tricky to recognize at first, but then hard to unrecognize once you get it.Photo: Modeled after a formula-one racer.  I say "modeled after" because I couldn't get anything to look like wheels.  So this is a flying car from the future, when we no longer need wheels.Photo: A clock.  I once heard that Lego designer applicants are given a bucket of square bricks and told to build a circle.  So I tried to make a circle, but it was difficult with these pieces.  Like almost all the designs, this is a solid one-piece structure.Photo: A steam engine.Photo: Sail boat.Photo: A bird.  This design is solid and one-piece, but very fragile.  It was pretty challenging to assemble - it kept falling apart.Photo: A toilet.  No medium should be taken too seriously, especially toys :)Photo: A bug.  I have no idea what kind of bug this is.  It was fun to get the angles of the wings and legs looking good.Photo: A toaster - with toast!  To make this design a challenge, I wanted to have the colors make sense, keep it one solid piece (it is), and looking decent from all angles (it looks basically the same from the other side).Photo: Guitar.  One of my favorites.Photo: Grand piano.Photo: An old biplane. The pieces were begging me to make this one.Photo: An office setup, complete with monitor, bookshelf, and books.Photo: A fish.  (The black thing on the right is just to hold him up.  If he were really underwater, he wouldn't need any help.)Photo: A person's head.  It was either a white guy with orange hair or an orange guy with white hair, and I don't know any orange people.Photo: An elephant.  I really like this design because it demonstrates symbolic expression, which is a key idea behind the challenge.Photo: A telescope.Photo: Chess pieces. I tried to get the order of heights pretty close to a real set.Photo: Gun. Somehow this felt wrong to make out of Lego. I feel like Lego is a mostly non-violent toy, despite some mini-figs having swords or whatnot.Photo: A bulldozer. I found this one challenging.Photo: A TIE Interceptor.  Did you know that TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine?  One of the Star Wars tidbits I picked up while making sure I'm naming my ships correctly.Photo: B-wingPhoto: AT-AT.Photo: An Imperial Star Destroyer.  This must be the largest scale of all the models; the smallest was probably the bug.Photo: Snowspeeder.  This was the first non-instructed model I built with these pieces.  I thought the shapes and color scheme were close enough to this craft to try it out, and I was inspired to keep building new things from there.Photo: AT-STPhoto: Millenium Falcon.Photo: An X-wing.  That little gray nib behind the cockpit is R2-D2.Photo: Why not finish with the kitchen sink?  It was fun to try getting the faucet positioned well, and have a decent spout.