39 Photos - Jun 7, 2013
Photo: The Redwood Coast mapPhoto: 25 great things to see and do in Humboldt CountyPhoto: Sundial Bridge@ night, ReddingPhoto: Visitor Center, Redwood National and State ParksPhoto: Ferns on the treesPhoto: The big hollow redwood. Lots of such trees around, most of them burned from lightning.Photo: RedwoodsPhoto: The blue birdPhoto: We did the Rhododendron trail. It was serene and more than gorgeous. Simply beautiful.Photo: One of the oldest and biggest living redwoods.Photo: A privately owned tree mystery park. We did take the tour inside but we heard it is good for kids.Photo: The coastPhoto: The coastPhoto: SunsetPhoto: The beautiful colors at Jedediah Smith State parkPhoto: Panoramic view - Jedediah Smith State parkPhoto: TrailsPhoto: They were tall.Photo: Trees and treesPhoto: Shaded trailsPhoto: Klamath Overlook trail - moderate intensity 1-mile trail one way.Photo: Klamath Overlook trailPhoto: Klamath Overlook trailPhoto: Klamath Overlook trailPhoto: Klamath Overlook trailPhoto: Sun peeping through the woodsPhoto: Redwoods @ Avenue of GiantsPhoto: Trees - fallen and standingPhoto: This is the Immortal Tree. Description on next picture.Photo: Immortal tree - Tree in the previous picture -@Avenue of the GiantsPhoto: More treesPhoto: Avenue of the Giants roadPhoto: Museum at Avenue of the Giants routePhoto: Drive-thru tree - Meyers Flat. Looked like a real narrow tree. I was too nervous to drive through it, so asked my husband to do so ;-)Photo: While driving through the drive thru' treePhoto: Drive-thru tree - Meyers FlatPhoto: Treehouse @Meyers Flat. The guy who privately owns this place, made this treehouse.Photo: Wood books inside the treehousePhoto: Treehouse. Look , who's inside!!! It is a 2-story house.