14 Photos - Jan 28, 2013
Photo: Completed Train Depot for Norfolk Southern After Fire ReconstructionPhoto: Fire Damaged Building Ready for Demolition. Camak ,GeorgiaPhoto: Demolition under way .Camak, GeorgiaPhoto: Demolition progress . Camak ,GeorgiaPhoto: 52 meter pump pouring New Concrete Slab in Camak ,Ga.Photo: Stretching the 52 Meter Pump out for Concrete in Camak ,Ga.Photo: Putting Two Concrete Trucks Onto the 52 Meter PumpPhoto: A Good Days Work in Camak, Ga.Photo: Completely Restored Train Depot For Norfolk Southern After FirePhoto: Inside An Office Of Finished Train DepotPhoto: Finished Main Office Inside Train DepotPhoto: Mechanical Room Inside Train DepotPhoto: Buned Out Train Depot Of Norfolk SouthernPhoto: Burned Whole Through Roof Of Train Depot