28 Photos - Jul 17, 2012
Photo: Mt Zeil! Approaching the base along Gary Junction Road (the Papanyu Road)Photo: The road into Glen Helen Station (Dashwood Bore Road)Photo: The gate on Dashwood Bore Road into Glen Helen Station, it wasn't locked, and we had permission from them and the Ranger for the West MacDonnell Ranges National ParkPhoto: The station track beyond Dashwood BorePhoto: Ready for camp at the western base of Mt Zeil. The yellow bucket on the stake marks the T-junction of the road from Dashwood Bore. We dared not drive further for fear of getting lost, it was only 30mins walk to the spur from here, the there were many creeks on that walk.Photo: Our campsite for the night, prior to starting our hike at dawn the next dayPhoto: Camp fire for the cold night (Ricky's photo)Photo: Climbing the Mt Zeil spur. On the left distant is Mt Edward.Photo: On the ascent (Paul's photo)Photo: Climbing up in the morning sun (Ricky's photo)Photo: Climbing up in the morning sun (Ricky's photo)Photo: Climbing up to the plateau (Ricky's photo)Photo: This kinda hiking isnt easy, following the Parks NT recommended route, traversing around each ridge, always on an angle, often dodging denser areas. We soon opted for the easier to walk and navigate ridgetop.Photo: Paul and Ricky traverses a slab. Here we had just deviated from the suggested route, preferring now to head to and follow the ridge line. It was easier and clearer on the ridge.Photo: Ascending another ridge peak (Paul's photo)Photo: Looking north, from about 3/4 the way upPhoto: The clear road is the track that follows the fence south from Gary Junction Road, some use this to reach their ascent base from the north. It would be slightly harder, both in ascent speed and navigation, it's not the route recommended by the Parks NT people.Photo: From the summit of Mt Zeil, the steep southern cliff face is below, Mt Sonder in the centre distance, Mt Razorback right distance. The vast valley from Redbank Gorge (the gorge is between the range that goes from Mt Sonder to Mt Razorback) is the route we took in 2011 as a three day summit attempt. We got within maybe 1.5km of the summit, it was hard going, and water was a challenge. Today's summit along the western spur had taken 4 hours.Photo: Me, Paul and Ricky at the summit of Mt ZeilPhoto: Ricky near the top (Paul's photo)Photo: Number 6 of the State 8 completed for all three of us!Photo: Mt Zeil, summmitted!Photo: Ricky, on our ridge line descentPhoto: The ridge is pretty easy going, much easier than the Parks NT recommended route which was to traverse around each ridgePhoto: Following the ridge down from the summit of Mt Zeil (Ricky's photo)Photo: Me and Paul, descendingPhoto: On the plateau before the final descentPhoto: On the plateau before the final descent (Paul's photo)