84 Photos - May 19, 2013
Photo: Plan of attack. Note list of supplies in the lower left.Photo: Gathering some of the equipment.Photo: Building the new automontage system (thank you Stephanie!!!).Photo: Hanging the Berlese funnels.Photo: Hanging our sign.Photo: Napping frog.Photo: Tents before the storm.Photo: Photo: Our sign in the window.Photo: Education center the day before the event.Photo: Peeking into our lab.Photo: Photo center.Photo: Snacks by Victoria.Photo: Setting up the lab space.Photo: Brittany alone at the helm.Photo: Eatin' out.Photo: Cool light at the restaurant.Photo: At the blacklight, night 1.Photo: Photo: Sleeping Marsh Wren. (Discovered by Brittany, IDed by Victoria).Photo: Around the blacklight. Note it's all collectors.Photo: Friday's Schedule.Photo: Brittany in the swamp!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Muddy armadillo!Photo: Photo: Impromptu lecture by Chris.Photo: Photo: Big Gator.Photo: Slime Mold.Photo: Crawfish boil at the Bayou Barn.Photo: Photo: Photo: Julie talking to the Scientists.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photographers at the blacklight.Photo: Collectors, photographers, and photographers of photographers at the blacklight.Photo: Photo: Map of the area. We were stationed at the Ed. Center.Photo: Map of our side of the Blitz (more stuff was near the Visitor Center). We were at the "Science Center".Photo: Heading to work.Photo: Photo: Photo: A new friendship that may end badly.Photo: Life sized eagle and nest.Photo: Photo: A herd of Blitzers.Photo: Kat by the gator.Photo: Randy Miller, Tardigrade guy.Photo: Tardigrade tanks.Photo: Stephanie at The Beast.Photo: The lab in action.Photo: Vicky Loo working on weevils.Photo: Micropezid (fly) pretending its a wasp.Photo: Brian searching a carpenter ant nest.Photo: Frog habitat (1).Photo: Frog habitat (2).Photo: The Beast in action.Photo: Night Heron.Photo: Got to have a turtle neck in the heat.Photo: Photo: Xylotrechus colonus (longhorn beetle)Photo: Mallodon (longhorn beetle)Photo: Waiting on the bus.Photo: Kids made flags to decorate the tents. This was one of my favorites.Photo: Kids made flags to decorate the tents. This was one of my favorites. It's very much a Heptagenid mayfly.Photo: The greatest photo of the lab and people working that could ever be taken, but out of focus. Left to right: Somebody, Chris, Brittany's bum, Victoria, Joe, Brian, Nathan, Jocelyn, Stephanie.Photo: Stephanie, Victoria, Kat, Alexey, Nathan, Jocelyn, Brittany.Photo: Chris, Brian, Park, Big B.Photo: We had a lot of people working.Photo: Julie Denslow giving a talk in the education center.Photo: Our setup for the public outside the lab's door. A display drawer and slideshow of insects photographed during the event.Photo: Cafeteria and data center.Photo: View from the Bridge.Photo: Bad accident just outside of the park.Photo: Team and collection at the ending ceremony.Photo: Photo: Team again.Photo: Let's get something straight. We delivered 431 taxa, but they could only handle the 122 that we got to species.Photo: Let's get something straight. We delivered 431 taxa, but they could only handle the 122 that we got to species.