53 Photos - May 13, 2015
Photo: Attic WIndow PeakPhoto:                                Photo: False HelleborePhoto: Red TrilliumPhoto: ClintoniaPhoto: TrailPhoto: Calloway PeakPhoto: TrailPhoto: Matt's Alternate RoutePhoto: Just one more stepPhoto: One of many LaddersPhoto: Dale Headed down the ChutePhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: Looking up the ChutePhoto: MacRae Peak
Note the Person on topPhoto: Attic Window PeakPhoto: Photo: View South towards Linville GorgePhoto: Sugar MountainPhoto: Swinging Bridge
CenterPhoto: Roan Mountains
Center backPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Ladders on Attic Window Peak zoomed way inPhoto: Ladders on Attic Window Peak zoomed inPhoto: Painted TrilliumPhoto:                                Photo: Lets head over therePhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: Famous Swinging BridgePhoto: Black Mountain
Center LeftPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: Ladder to MacRaePhoto: Ladder up MacRae Peak for the 2nd timePhoto: Headed to the top of MacRae Peak for the second timePhoto: Couple that got engaged that Day at Linville FallsPhoto:                                Photo: Spring Colors are moving up in elevationPhoto:                                Photo: Attic PeakPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: ProfilePhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: