35 Photos - Apr 12, 2015
Photo:                                Photo: MontreatPhoto: 1st StillPhoto: 2nd Still Dale looking very suspiousPhoto: Another view of Montreat from Lunch RockPhoto: From Greybeard SummitPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Group PhotoPhoto:                                Photo: Unique TreePhoto:                                Photo: Interesting Rock Overhang between Greybeard and Rocky KnobPhoto:                                Photo: Enjoying the Views from Rocky KnobPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Craggy GardensPhoto:                                Photo: GreybeardPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: Pinnacle From Rocky KnobPhoto: Tifia at Greybeard FallsPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: Unique Tree growthPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: My first Trillium of the yearPhoto:                                Photo: Photo: Hike outlined in Yellow
Red is normal PHOC hike