28 Photos - Feb 19, 2011
Photo: Renmin Gongyuan, Ningbo, ChinaPhoto: The Cow Bar 牛巴, 香格里拉 ShrangrilaPhoto: Between Chengdu and Gansu, in the grasslands. Those are yaks.Photo: Note the path of bricks to get through the water and the pigs in the garbage. This is in a city Maqu in very southern Gansu province. I was there for the occasion of a traditional horse race (see other photos).Photo: Kids in Maqu, Gansu during their annual horse race.Photo: Horse race. Maqu, Gansu, China.Photo: There were people from all over the place, some as far as Inner Mongolia. Maqu, Gansu.Photo: Moon Lake, Ningbo, Zhejiang.Photo: Moon Lake, Ningbo.Photo: This is outside Tulufan (Turpan), Xinjiang. The photo is level by the way, not artfully askew.Photo: Also outside Tulufan (Turpan), Xinjiang.Photo: Outside Turpan? I'll find specific locations sometime.Photo: Kashgar Livestock Market. Xinjiang ProvincePhoto: Kashgar (Kashi), Xinjiang. This is real live magic.Photo: Monastery outside Lhasa, Tibet.Photo: Monastery outside Lhasa.Photo: Same monastery outside Lhasa.Photo: Old Town LhasaPhoto: Potala PalacePhoto: View from Potala PalacePhoto: Potala PalacePhoto: Potala PalacePhoto: On the way to Mt. Everest base campPhoto: The day I left, I realized I didn't have a photo of the front of the Potala Palace, so I raced off on a bicycle to get this one.Photo: Raced around and shot these great photos of some kids.Photo: Tibetan kids in Old Town LhasaPhoto: The Bund, ShanghaiPhoto: The Jinmao building. Shanghai. aka The Grand Hyatt Tower