42 Photos - Feb 27, 2012
Photo: We were on our way to the local Walmart (#4231) to fill up our "Light Up a Life" Winter Emergency Kit, so I quickly made a list of the OTHER things we needed to get while we were out.Photo: The first thing I noticed when I got out of the van was a penny on the ground. Good luck? Nah - but Monkey loves money.Photo: This made his afternoon!Photo: My silly boy loves to use the sanitizing wipes in the store.  He carried his through the whole shopping trip and was heartbroken when we finally made him put it in the trash.Photo: On our way in to the store there is a game room.  My boys are instinctively drawn to it.  Mr. Crum had quarters in his pocket today.Photo: Crackers enjoyed the ride - last time he screamed.Photo: Monkey thinks he can drive.Photo: Mommy was looking at Bandaids, Crackers picked out this first aid kit - what the heck, we put it in the cart.Photo: Monkey examined all the bandaid choices.Photo: He finally settled on this one with the pretty neon bandages.Photo: As usual, we had to stop at the fish and check them out.  It looks like Monkey might have been trying to count them.Photo: I forgot Wet Ones when we walked by the hygene aisles, I quickly ran back to find them while the big guys were looking at fish.Photo: Monkey decided that he should be able to push the cart and that he's big enough to do it.  He isn't, but he still felt good about trying.Photo: I gave him a chance to try it without holding on.Photo: Monkey picked a blue ice scraper to add to the kit.Photo: Crackers took care of putting everything into the box and making sure it stayed there.Photo: We had to search hard for the wall of flashlights.Photo: The boys wanted to include a Toy Story flashlight.  Mr. Crum decided that this one was somehow more unisex than the Cars one they looked at.Photo: Hoorah for hat & glove sales.  We found hats and gloves for mommy and baby!Photo: It seems like we cant' go to Walmart without at least looking at the coffee creamer.  We've been using a lot of it recently.Photo: The boys love to use the scanner.  We bought peanuts for just $2.Photo: The cart is filling up quickly.Photo: FInally we decided that we would nto be able to fit anything else into our box (and we were right).  We checked out.Photo: The boys did a great job shopping, now they were hungry.  Mr. Crum and I decided to endulge in "FebruANY" from Subway that is inside Walmart.  The boys loved it that they could watch all of the people shopping while we ate.Photo: Our full load didn't look like nearly as much once it was in bags.Photo: Baby woke up while we were eating, he made it clear that he was ready to go home and do some eating as well.Photo: What?! We found a sandwich that Monkey will eat!  He picked it apart and ate it piece by piece, but he ate the entire thing.Photo: Crackers enjoyed his sandwich, it was a sensory delight.Photo: Mr. Crum posed for me too.Photo: Sometimes it doesn't seem fair when you have to share things, like lemonade.  It's been a long afternoon of shopping and the boys are starting to get worn out.Photo: Monkey showed a bit of attitude.  He let us know that he was done with helping other people, it was just time to go!Photo: Mr. Crum had a quick chat about being polite, waiting, helping other people...Photo: Here is our completed winter emergency kit!Photo: Now I had to figure out how to stuff all of the stuff inside of our kit.  It was a challenge!Photo: Almost done, where do I put the last few things?Photo: Baby supervised the packing of our tote, he wasn't much help though.Photo: This is our filled to the brim winter emergency kit.  Ready to go to the pregnancy center - almost.Photo: We added a quick note to the recipient.Photo: The boys added stickers to decorate the top of the kit.Photo: They worked hard on putting this together as a team.Photo: On our way to deliver the kit, we had to pick daddy up.  So we got to the library early enough for the boys to play.Photo: A Hope Center.  This is where our emergency kit went.
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