37 Photos - Nov 18, 2011
Photo: My old Suave antiperspirant stick broke - I'm going to look for some #CrystalRollOnPhoto: Sniff Check - smells like sweet peaPhoto: My travel companions are ready to go to the store.Photo: A quick stop at the library on the wayPhoto: We picked up this strange man, Mr. Crum!Photo: Mailboxes are very exciting, Manasseh was super excited to discover 2 of them.Photo: We needed to look for an AT&T store while we were out.  There was not one at the mall - we checked.Photo: The list (my how it grows while at the store).Photo: We were lucky to get a cart with "big boy" seats, the boys always love these carts, Mama does not, they are hard to steer.Photo: We loved looking at the Christmas decorations in the store.Photo: Somehow I missed the deodorant aislePhoto: Once we found it we had SO many choices to sort through for Crystal Roll-on.Photo: There was one bottle hidden nicely at the top of the shelf in the women's deodorant.  It took a little searching, but we were fortunate to find it.  I was surprised at the price, I really expected a natural deodorant to cost quite a bit more.Photo: No odor, I think that's a good thing.  The label says it's for men or women.  Mr. Crum says, "it's pink."Photo: Making faces and checking my blood pressure, why not have fun while we're in the pharmacy area?Photo: Waiting for mommy - Cassius is making faces tooPhoto: Not great, but SO much better than it was a few weeks ago - that makes this a happy shopping trip for me!Photo: What kind of insoles do they think I need?Photo: The lucky cart - no working seatbelts - ugh.  This trip would have been much more pleasant with child restraints.Photo: WE FOUND THE FISH!!!  The boys always love looking at Walmart's fish.  This store's aquarium looked clean and the fish were all alive.Photo: Azariah slept through the whole tripPhoto: The boys were super excited about finding the Christmas area.  They really wanted to touch everything.Photo: The problem with no seatbelts - we end up with 3 year olds hiking through the enchanted forest at Walmart.Photo: Look, it's "snowman" (Santa).  Manasseh is fascinated by the blow-up creatures.Photo: My boys love pushing buttons in the toy aisle, unfortunately, Mickey did not work.Photo: Manasseh thinks he wants Tangled.Photo: Mama thinks she wants a vacuum - I went home and pinned this one to my "want to buy me a gift" board on Pintrest.Photo: We needed to get some bottles for Aunt Sarah, her new baby is on the way!Photo: Pushing the buttons and dancing is the next stop.  Cassius loves it that the CDs are low enough for him to pull off the shelf and stack on the floor.Photo: The boys saw another bench and were sure they should sit down and get a picture (at every bench).Photo: Sweet potatoes, 25c a pound, Mr. Crum chose 3 - why not? It's a good price on a healthy snack for the boys.  We have made a lot of fries out of them.Photo: Finally - the last item on our list.. okay, not the written list, the one that grew in my head.  I used these for some pretty rainbow fruit sticks during my Mom Time group.Photo: The seat of the cart was loaded.  (The baby was in the back of the cart).Photo: Everything on the conveyor.Photo: Ready to go!  Manasseh was very upset that he didn't get to help put the cart away tonight.Photo: Ahh, the new home for my deodorant.Photo: Shopping is tiring.  My "big" boys were both worn out when we got home.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias