19 Photos - Jun 30, 2013
Photo: Photo: It is time for a new grill and Walmart seemed to know this by placing these right inside the front door!Photo: Prices are dropping on swim suits and I think I need another one, or two!Photo: Any excuse is great for cookies - aren't these 4th of July themed ones cute?Photo: Won't I need a sundress to go over a new swimsuit?Photo: Yup - people are definitely getting ready for their 4th of July parties.Photo: On my way to find Kool-Aid I checked out the rest of the juice aisle.Photo: This Kool-Aid end cap was pretty convenient, but I needed some more flavors for my craft project.Photo: There are certainly lots of dry mix and drop drink choices available.Photo: These liquid Kool-Aid mixes sure are convenient. I wonder if they'd work for my play dough project?Photo: This is the kind of Kool-Aid that my mom always got for us when we were kids..Photo: I bought Kool-Aid packets in practically every flavor available. The kids will be thrilled to drink whatever we don't end up using to make play dough.Photo: I like to get these Kool-Aid Bursts for the kids on road trips, they're easy, inexpensive and the kids think they're a great treat.Photo: Hmmmmmmmm - do I need to get some pops for the freezer while I'm here?Photo: I realized it was lunchtime and started looking for something already prepared so I could avoid stopping at a fast food place.Photo: Maybe not for lunch, but I feel the need to try these one day soon.Photo: Although this wouldn't work for me for lunch today, I am a big fan of the take and bake pizzas from WalMart.Photo: I ended up deciding on chicken strips and potato wedges for a nice hot lunch in a hurry.Photo: I was a little surprised by this whole display of ethnic treats right near the cash registers, but they do look yummy!