35 Photos - Sep 25, 2014
Photo: Frederik, Frode, Karin, Bengt, Josh and ZacPhoto: TasiilaqPhoto: First camp deep in the fjords near IsortorqPhoto: Off to the icefall with the first loadPhoto: ..missing  40cm for the perfect line up (Photo Bengt Rotmo)Photo: Run, jump and sprint skipping the pulk over the melting streamsPhoto: Photo: (Photo Frode Faksvaag)Photo: (Photo Bengt Rotmo)Photo: Dinner in the guide tentPhoto: Windy night (Photo Bengt Rotmo)Photo: (Photo Bengt Rotmo)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Always parking for breaks in perfect palm formationPhoto: Amaizing sun dogsPhoto: Photo: Approaching DYE IIPhoto: Spoky Rec. room at DYE II (Photo Bengt Rotmo)Photo: Camp in the shadow of DYE IIPhoto: (Photo Zac&Josh Lyon)Photo: (Photo Zac&Josh Lyon)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: (Photo Frederik Aaserud)Photo: (Photo Zac&Josh Lyon)Photo: (Photo Bengt Rotmo)Photo: Icy icefall, a challenge to the three of us not born with skis on (Photo Frode Faksvaag)Photo: Photo: (Photo Bengt Rotmo)Photo: So close and yet so fare awayPhoto: Very close reaching solid ground
(Photo Zac&Josh Lyon)