93 Photos - Feb 8, 2012
Photo: Walking on the fencePhoto: Photo: White turnipsPhoto: Photo: The fields around us are getting green again. From these young plants I can't tell yet, what kind of 'grass' it is. Probably wheat.

#grasstuesday : +Grass Tuesday curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Marilou Aballe +Ray BilcliffPhoto: For #birdsinfocusfriday : +Birds in Focus curated by +Risto Talman a Great Tit (Parus major).Photo: Careful deersPhoto: For #springfevertuesday : +SpringFeverTuesday curated by +Vesna KrnjicPhoto: Living SpaghettiPhoto: Tufted DuckPhoto: Obsessions of a food photographer

#designthursday : +Design Thursday curated by +Venkatram Harish BelvadiPhoto: Several black salsify roots.Photo: For #wildlifewednesday  today an European Robin in the winter.

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#digitalpainting #paintography   #nature  Photo: I've been very busy lately with work and other projects but as it was snowing all day today I had something to share for #todaytuesday , curated by +Brian White. In the Netherlands this snow caused more than 1000 KM (= 621 miles) traffic jams.Photo: For +FoodFriday this time not my usual food photo (will come later today) but dinner we just had.

#foodfriday  #pizza #vegan #pizzafridayPhoto: It was pretty up in the sky today. For #skysunday  by +Randy Scherkenbach  & +Patrick Scherkenbach  Photo: Sometimes I photograph trash on the ground, like this card this morning in Amsterdam.

For #todaytuesday  by +Brian White. Photo: For +BridgesOverTuesday and +#BridgesAroundTheWorld another photo of this train bridge with canal in Amsterdam. Snapped with my phone on my way to work yesterday.
#bridgesovertuesday   #bridgesaroundtheworld  Photo: Strawberry-Coconut-Coladraitas
http://www.vegalicious.org/2012/06/28/review-strawberry-coconut-coladaritas/Photo: Graffiti on a concrete wall of a bridge in Amsterdam for #DesignThursday, curated by +Venkatram Harish Belvadi.

#xperia   Photo: For #todaytuesday  by +Brian White I took this photo of a green bicycle in Amsterdam this morning.Photo: For +BridgesOverTuesday  #todaytuesday  and #mytowntuesday   this metro bridge in Amsterdam on my way to work this morning.Photo: My Nexus One is ready for #throwawaythursday. It went into the washing machine by mistake.

Curators: +lynn langmade +Doug DeTraz +Michael LawsonPhoto: In 1989 I traveled through Europe for a month with friend by rail. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Photo taken in Italy on a remote train station where we had to wait 1/2 day for the next connection.

For +Blast From The Past curated by +Cheryl Cooper +Mark Rodriguez and +Isabelle Fortin. #blastfromthepastPhoto: Big zinniaPhoto: Giant white cabbage (Spitzkohl)Photo: Blue cornPhoto: Ponte della Maddalena also known as Ponte del Diavolo (the Bridge of the Devil) for +BridgesOverTuesday and +#BridgesAroundTheWorld.

I saw this bridge again months ago in a post by +Andrea Federici:

This photo is a scan of a picture taken 1995. My wife Chris is the person on top of the bridge.Photo: Good morning. Supermoon is gone, daylight is back! This one is for +Beach Sunday curated by +Ross Campbell, taken in spring 1996 in Naples (Florida), while my wife was performing at a fundraiser event.

#BeachSundayPhoto: In Florida I've seen some of the most amazing sunsets. This was a surreal scene after a tropical storm ca. 15 years ago.

for #sunsetsaturday by +Dennis HoffbuhrPhoto: For #streetsaturday - curated by +Siddharth Pandit - an old scan from 1986, taken in Boston.Photo: For a change my contribution for +Fido Friday today is not another photo of +Jill Walker but instead this 3 year old Boxer. Our architect got him from the animal shelter. He is a bit hyperactive but otherwise a sweet dog.Photo: For #fernfridayPhoto: For #fernfridayPhoto: When I went for a small walk to the lake (see previous photo post) I disturbed two dears in a nearby field.

Contribution for +Wildlife Wednesdays.Photo: My contribution today for +Sign Sunday curated by +Gene Bowker & +walt sprinkle.

#signsundayPhoto: Photo: Photo: For +Blast From The Past a vacation photo from August 1981 in Spain, taken by me as a child. German and Spanish speaking will probably understand, why I took this photo.Photo: For #WildlifeWednesday I didn't have to go far today. This hawk had his meal in our backyard. In the winter we often see birds of prey coming into the city, hunting for small singing birds.Photo: Skating on BreukelengrachtPhoto: Skating on BreukelengrachtPhoto: Who knows what kind of bird this is? It is for first time that we see him in our garden.

#WildlifeWednesdayPhoto: Hobby farmer raking the soil of his field near Petershagen in East-Westphalia.Photo: Hobby farmer raking the soik of his field near Petershagen in East-Westphalia.Photo: Photo: ApplesPhoto: Colorful glasses (for #glassworldtuesday)Photo: Pigeonnier 
 #pigeonsdayPhoto: Almere skylinePhoto: House sparrow on a hedge in Potsdam (Germany) for #wildlifewednesday by +Mike Spinak.Photo: One of the Tuesday Google+ Photography Themes is +BridgesOverTuesday by +Steve Boyko. This is the Rheinkniebrücke over the Rhine River in Düsseldorf (Germany) built from 1965 to 1969 with a total length of 1518 meters.Photo: For +BridgesOverTuesday today I have this bridge over the Canal de Bourgogne (France), a 242 kilometers long canal that links the river Yonne, a tributary of the river Seine, with the Saône.

#bridgesovertuesday  is being curated by +Steve Boyko  and +Clare Bambers.

#bridgesaroundtheworld   #bridgesovertuesday  Photo: For +Fido Friday today a dog we met years ago on a walk (some people would call it a photowalk nowadays) in Muiderberg (The Netherlands), while I was taking photos with the +Lensbaby lens on my camera.
#lensbaby #fidofridayPhoto: For +BridgesOverTuesday +#BridgesAroundTheWorld I found this photo of a bridge across the Gironde river in France from Dezember 2008 in my archive.

#bridgesaroundtheworld   #bridgesovertuesday  Photo: For +BridgesOverTuesday we have a construction site of a new train bridge across the Emb. de Contreras (Contreras, Castille la Mancha) in Spain today.Photo: Sheep Stable in AlmerePhoto: Sheep Stable in AlmerePhoto: There seem to be +Daily Photography Themes for every subject. This one is for +GoatWednesday, curated by +Paul Songy.Photo: For +BridgesOverTuesday and +#BridgesAroundTheWorld today an ancient Roman bridge (French: Pont romain de Vaison-la-Romaine) over the Ouvèze in Vaison-la-Romaine. The bridge was built by the Romans in the 1st century AD.

#bridgesovertuesday   #bridgesaroundtheworld  Photo: Colorful cubes at a former ochre factory in Roussillon (France, Provence).Photo: Colorful cubes at a former ochre factory in Roussillon (France, Provence).Photo: Colorful cubes at a former ochre factory in Roussillon (France, Provence).Photo: Benjamin Ward from Loughborough (Great Britain) on the bike during the 2008 ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships in Almere (The Netherlands, 2008-08-31). He finished as 14th in the Men Age Group 30-34.Photo: One of the most interesting buildings in our town is this fashion center, called Brandboxx Almere by architect Hans Kuiper. The Brandboxx Almere facilitates more than 70 manufacturers and wholesalers.

Contribution for +My Town Tuesday, curated by +Eric Leslie and +Melanie Kintz.Photo: Barbary MacaquePhoto: Grooming Barbary MacaquesPhoto: For +BridgesOverTuesday the St. Nepomuk bridge. It is the oldest stone bridge (18th century) across the river Ahr in Rech (Germany) with a statue of St. Nepomuk.

#bridgesovertuesdayPhoto: Old Train Bridges across the river Ahr in GermanyPhoto: St.-Anna-BrueckePhoto: For +#BridgesAroundTheWorld and +BridgesOverTuesday I have an old and new bridge in one shot.

The one in the front is the 12th-century Romanesque bridge 'Puente Viejo de Besalú' over the Fluvià river in Spain.

#bridgesovertuesday   #bridgesaroundtheworld  Photo: Collecting shellsPhoto: Shells on the beach near Canet plage in France.Photo: Detail of the Pont Du GardPhoto: The arches of the Pont Du Gard in the low winter sun.Photo: There are still new +Daily Photography Themes, like +BridgesOverTuesday curated by +Steve Boyko.

Crossing this bridge in France is quiet an experience and not all that pleasant in a storm. I still intend to spend a bit more time there to take photos.Photo: Garden Of Exile of the Jewish Museum in BerlinPhoto: Haus Windheim No2Photo: Ross Bayard (1987) by Michael Peelmann, a present of Nienburgs twin town Dendermonde in Belgium.Photo: No rainbowPhoto: ClafoutisPhoto: After the harvestPhoto: Photo: Photo: Trash TVPhoto: Laika and FIrePhoto: Black and whitePhoto: Spring on the other side of the fencePhoto: Mowing the lawnPhoto: TeufelsschluchtPhoto: CommutersPhoto: Pizza! :-)Photo: For #repetitivetuesday I've dusted off of some old floppies.

+Repetitive Tuesday curated by +Frank Schillinger +Ping Doherty +Andy Q. 

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