39 Photos - May 17, 2014
Photo: Piping her lemon custard from zippered baggies with a pastry tip made for beautiful presentation.Photo: My Avocado Cheesecake.Photo: Sriracha and avocado deviled eggs: yum.Photo: A-girl added smoked mullet from a local favorite to make her daddy's favorite - deviled eggs - even better.  Recipe at www.a-girlwithacamera.com.Photo: Chicken Salad  lettuce cups -recipe soon at www.dancingwithmyfather.netPhoto: Gluten-free chicken salad sandwiches.  Recipe: http://bit.ly/1tfn3VlPhoto: Lauren Marie's dried figs wrapped in prosciutto - I could eat these little treats any time.Photo: Lauren Marie's creamy-crunchy cucumber and smoked salmon canapes.  Lauren blogs at www.laurenmarieglutenfree.com.Photo: Lauren Marie created a savory start with her parmesan crisps.Photo: Lauren Marie and her handsome hubby mixing up his Champagne Sidecar Cocktail.Photo: Each "chef" created a signature drink. A-girl whipped up a bright red kid-friendly sangria that was both sweet and tart.Photo: A-girl and her sweet friend putting the finishing touches on her dessert before they set it out to serve. She will be posting recipes at www.a-girlwithacamera.com !Photo: Lauren Marie's to-swim-a-mile-for gluten-free S'mores Cookies.Photo: Photo: Heart-friends.Photo: The brothers.Photo: We were going for a sort-of bohemian shipwreck feel with borrowed and bought décor.Photo: Lauren Marie grabs some behind the scenes shots for her social media followers.Photo: Photo: A-girl and I took turns shooting - so much fun to work alongside my sweet daughter.Photo: Photo: Great shot!Photo: Three foodies and bloggers unite for a gluten-free, family-friendly luscious sunset cocktail party.Photo: Girlfriends.Photo: Blessing the food.Photo: A-girl serves her brother Lauren-Marie's delicious watermelon salad.Photo: The "littles" loved the makeshift tent we made for them.Photo: Feed them, and the brothers will come to the party.Photo: It's nice to take a break as hostess and enjoy the sunset with friends.Photo: Strawberry basil popsicle - perfection.Photo: More of the "vintage bohemian shipwreck" sort of vibe. I think it worked!Photo: Happy brother.Photo: Our favorite local frozen yogurt and popsicle spot provided a perfect after-dinner treat!Photo: They look like they approve of dessert.Photo: Lauren Marie and her hubby pose for a sunset portrait.Photo: The "parent crew."Photo: A-girl and I celebrate as chefs, hostesses, and photographers. Now to head home to mounds of dishes. :)Photo: My handsome man.Photo: Our guys.