64 Photos - Aug 7, 2011
Photo: this barn was on the verge of collapsing for years. just a few weeks after i shot it, it finally did...Photo: rustic road #20Photo: taken from a speeding jeep (i was not the driver of.)Photo: digital infrared, rustic road #87Photo: my resurrection lilies (or naked ladies, as some call them) are in bloom this week.
exp: 1/2000 at f3.5, iso 100, canon 50d, 50mm/1.4 lens, natural lightPhoto: found along the side of the road one foggy morning.Photo: joel's woodsPhoto: capital building interiorPhoto: farm housePhoto: janesville, wiPhoto: a view from one of wisconsin's many "rustic roads".Photo: singing his little heart out...Photo: typical wisconsin countrysidePhoto: another angle of the red shed. we've had several storms this week, leaving us with some beautiful clouds.Photo: dragon boat racesPhoto: milwaukee at dusk. iphone capture at a red light through a dirty windshield.
(don't drive and shoot, folks.)Photo: that's a funny looking cow...

henry vilas zoo—madison, wiPhoto: heartlandPhoto: taking advantage of the light pollution in madisonPhoto: in dad's woodsPhoto: leaf remainsPhoto: madisonPhoto: dragon boat racesPhoto: rustic road #20Photo: capital dome & fountainPhoto: inside the barnPhoto: not an everyday sight here...Photo: wheatPhoto: barn doorPhoto: highway 18 drive-inPhoto: the milwaukee brewers' sausages visit the state capital in madison. no racing involved.Photo: west koshkonong lutheranPhoto: baa ram ewePhoto: corn still in the fieldsPhoto: walnutsPhoto: hay bales, b/wPhoto: hay balesPhoto: original weinermobile.
shot using a holga with a polaroid attachment.Photo: art deco steam locomotive.
holga-roid shotPhoto: papa's shop wallPhoto: papa's walk-in coolerPhoto: frozelinePhoto: icyPhoto: underPhoto: coldPhoto: chillPhoto: winter skyPhoto: finally got some winter scenery. my husband shoveled a path to the tree for the pugs. :o)Photo: #wisconsin fact #37:
you are never more then 500 feet from a cow.Photo: big topPhoto: the invisible elephantPhoto: junior clownPhoto: wisconsin river. the view from prairie du sac last weekend. two bald eagles were playing tag across the river but i'm afraid my 200mm lens wasn't powerful enough to capture much detail.

#naturephotography   #natureartthursday  Photo: last weekend, my husband and i visited the grounds of Dr. Evermor's scrap metal sculpture garden, outside of baraboo. this is one of the smaller pieces to greet you at the entrance standing about 16' high.

find out more about this amazing artist here—
http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/offthemap/html/travelogue_artist_2.htm?truePhoto: i've never seen the movie cars but i'm not living under a rock either, so when a friend said "it's doc and mater!" i knew just what she talking about! :)
this is more beautiful rust from the grounds of Dr. Evermor's scrap metal sculpture garden near Baraboo, WI.

#rust   #oldcars  Photo: "Juicer Bug"
More scrap metal art from Tom Every, "Dr. Evermor." This piece weights 15 tons. His sculpture garden will be featured on American Pickers this September.

#rust   #rusty   #artwork  Photo: dr. evermor's forevertron, a
300 ton scrap metal wonder

#rustPhoto: a little known feature in most wisconsin barns.
;)Photo: when the north winds blow.

#snow   #wisconsin  Photo: the view from the uw-madison humanities building, where most of my classes take place. looking down towards the entrance of the chazen art gallery. even 12º temps do not stop bikers here.
#iphoneography   #hipstamatic  Photo: Photo: wisconsin in winterPhoto: drink blatz beer
#beer #sign #nightphotography #signagePhoto: uminum sales