137 Photos - Aug 3, 2010
Photo: Wes and Dad, swingin' at Moraine State ParkPhoto: A Cowgirl and her cow-boy! Wesley and I in our front yard.Photo: One of the flowers in my yard 9/11Photo: Riding my Arabian mare, SamaraPhoto: Me with Lyric 9/2011Photo: Faith and EricPhoto: Riding Lyric 9/2011Photo: My son, Austin!Photo: IsisPhoto: Wes discovers his reflection on our car hood.. We are all amazed by that baby!Photo: Eric and WesPhoto: My son Chauncy and his wife, Ashley on Kentucky Lake, near their home.Photo: Wes as ringbearer in his cousin's weddingPhoto: Daddy loves his baby boy.Photo: Wee WesPhoto: My son, CodyPhoto: Farm boys know how to eat rightPhoto: My champion National Show horse, Strike a Pose, aka Sami. She is due in May to a beautiful Arabian stallion.Photo: One of my sunflowersPhoto: My son, Joseph Wesley Robert, aka " "Sloppy Joe", "Messy Wessie", "Slob Bob"!Photo: LyricPhoto: My husband Eric, riding Samara, our Arabian mare who died on Easter Sunday this year. :(Photo: My grandson, ChadwickPhoto: Mommy and WesPhoto: Wes likes fishing too!Photo: My husband Eric is an artist.Photo: Eric on our backhoe in front of our barn. He likes to play in the mud!Photo: On a trail ride behind our farm.Photo: My herd of horses in the pasture this spring...Lyric, Kira, Sami and Dusty.Photo: Me riding Lyric this spring. He's a four year old and he's a real handful at times. I love him!Photo: Lyric in trainingPhoto: My colt, LyricPhoto: Messy Wes discovers Yogurt!Photo: Yeah, that's my biker boy.Photo: Happy trails...Wes on his pony, Edgar Allen Poe-ny.Photo: Wes with Mini Pearl. They're best buddies!Photo: Once again, my biker babe!Photo: Home sweet home!Photo: Strike a Pose... Her name suits her!Photo: Hanging out with sister SarahPhoto: Sami and KiraPhoto: Stately Samara standing in the snow.Photo: Wes and our awesome  English Setter pup, EagleRock Boondock Holler, Aka "Boone".Photo: An apple blossom on a tree in my horse pasturePhoto: My baby, Lyric...now a 4 year old and still as spoiled rotten as he was here!Photo: a snowy sunrise... taken from my front yardPhoto: Joseph Wesley Robert KaltenbachPhoto: Wes goes hunting with Dad and Mom. He is on lookout for deer here at 6 months of age.Photo: He was a chunky monkey at this age! He gets it from mommy but it's way cuter on him!Photo: Wes meets Clover... later, Wes eats Clover!Photo: My son, Cody E. Hartzell - the very image of his Dad, Jody (may he rest in peace).Photo: Austin, my youngest until Wes came along.Photo: Me getting ready to ride my Kawasaki Vulcan 750 "Surak"!Photo: My three sons at my wedding to Eric in Nov. 2007. Chauncy, Austin and Cody!Photo: Eric and Faith and the lyrics to the song that played when my first husband's father walked me down the aisle to marry Eric.Photo: Lyric and Samara - my beautiful bay Arabian horses!Photo: Samara loved to go out and play in the snow.Photo: Mommy and WesPhoto: A cardinal at the poorly constructed feeder I made for my front yard!Photo: Samara!Photo: Samara and Lyric out behind the barn last winter.Photo: my cardinal buddy in the tree out frontPhoto: My son and daughter in law....Chauncy and Ashley HartzellPhoto: My colt, Lyric, playing in the snowPhoto: A trail ride in the Great Smoky MountainsPhoto: a (poor quality) snapshot of my husband Eric's painting of musician Stevie Ray VaughanPhoto: My favorite bass fishing spot, Buzzard SwampPhoto: Looking pretty tired after working with Lyric!Photo: Wes and I riding Kira, Aug 2010Photo: Heading back down the hill toward home...Eric and Wes on Eric's horse, Kira.Photo: My husband Eric, on his buckskin mare,  Kyrie Eleison (Kira)Photo: Wes was not happy when I tried to take him off the horse. He clung to the handle and gave me a very dirty look.Photo: After a hard day's work, Wes and his Dad discuss how to spend all the money they made.Photo: Wes was not always so robust. He was born with pneumonia and whisked straight the the NICU where he remained for a week. He healed quickly and completely and we're so thankful for it..and for him. It was really scary seeing him like this!Photo: Mommy had a little lamb! He's grown a bit since this.Photo: If you think I am a basket case, you should see my Mom!Photo: Two of our horses playing in the pasture in the late fallPhoto: My son, Cody, makes beautiful paper flowers for me!Photo: Daddy's boyPhoto: Yes, these are my sons! Thank God and the US ARMY National Guard - Austin's hair doesn't look this way anymore!Photo: Wes started hunting pretty early in life.Photo: My son Cody - yes his hair is that long, and yes, it is that red.Photo: Eric and I out on a bike ridePhoto: My oldest son, Chauncy!Photo: Eric working with a youngster in a blizzard!Photo: I am out standing in my field! :)Photo: My pride and joy, Lyric, as a long yearlingPhoto: Out for a Sunday ride.Photo: My late husband. Jody died in a plane crash, along with his brother. A double funeral on the 4th of July in 2000 rather ruined the holiday for me. Life is wonderful again, but I still burst into tears when I see fireworks.Photo: B..b..b...b...bad, I'm bad to the bone.Photo: He has squatter's rights to this spot.Photo: My son, a member of the US ARMY National GuardPhoto: My son at his graduation from Basic trainingPhoto: Wesley taking the time to stop and taste the apples from the tree in the barnyard.Photo: Squatting in the yard to finish off his applePhoto: My oldest son, Chauncy, finally got to meet his brother, Wes. Chauncy enjoyed the meeting. Wes did not!Photo: Wes needs to learn to not say NO to kisses!Photo: My young horse Lyric, the day after he threw me! I was really sore but I rode another 4 hours after the fall.Photo: Wes stops to smell the flowersPhoto: Wes riding Edgar Allan PoenyPhoto: My horse, Lyric.Photo: WesPhoto: Wes was happy to see his big brother again after 3 months.Photo: My favorite pumpkin in the whole patch!Photo: Wes and DaddyPhoto: Lovin' the leaves this Autumn. Wes, Oct. 2010Photo: Wes, out for a stroll in the woods!Photo: I found the biggest leaf!Photo: Mom and Wes near Oil Creek (I live very near where Col. Edwin Drake discovered oil in PA in the 1800s)Photo: Playing in the leavesPhoto: Eric, Wes, and Hank the scarecrow!Photo: I took his hat off for the picture...and shouldn't have!Photo: Riding Lyric, Sept 2010Photo: My son Chauncy snowboardingPhoto: Wes gives the sweetest kisses!Photo: Trail riding, Sep 2010Photo: Wes loves his Key-key cat.Photo: Wesley enjoying his swing in the front yardPhoto: Charley - our farm dogPhoto: Eric riding his horse - Sept. 2010Photo: He looks a lot like Mommy, doesn't he?Photo: Wes loves driving the tractor.Photo: Isis, the white horse, was given to me in early Nov. to save her from going to the slaughterhouse. I am so blessed to have this beautiful Arabian horse in my "collection".Photo: Two of my beautiful horses, Lyric and Isis.Photo: Wes sure does love his ponies.Photo: What an incredible gift she was - my newest horse, "Icy"Photo: Wes is heralding the holiday season with sleigh bells ringing as he rides toward Christmas on Edgar Allan Pony.Photo: He's only 20 months old but he knows what to do with a guitar! Look, he already has a fan!Photo: My beautiful grandson!Photo: Wes and Mom along a creek somewherePhoto: Photo: Photo: out for a bareback jaunt on IsisPhoto: Chadwick Allen, my grandsonPhoto: Little Boy BluePhoto: My Arabian mare, Isis Sept 2011Photo: