28 Photos - Aug 21, 2011
Photo: seagullsPhoto: Winter Runoff III

I decided to get out today to work on my long exposure mojo so that I am ready for the Bay Area Photowalk coming up next weekend-- with very special guests +Athena Carey, +Brian Day, +Steve-Maxx landeros,  +Marc Koegel , +Joe Azure, +Grant Murray  and many others ... all hosted and more or less masterminded by me with some help from a few others.   We'll be holding a competition with prizes from SmugMug, Nik Software and prints from me, Athena, Brian, Grant, Steve, Marc and maybe a few others.  There is other some other possible exciting news as well ... stay tuned ...

Right now I am looking for volunteers to help me carpool some people around.  Is there anyone in the Southbay / Peninsula that is willing to pick a few people up and bring them to the city?  If yes, please contact me.  We'll also need a few volunteers to get people around on the Sunday outing in Marin County.

Info: http://nlwirth.com/photography/a-slice-of-time-a-san-francisco-bay-area-photowalk-january-4-6-2013/

Event Page and other Google+ info goodies coming soon ...

Meanwhile ... please feel free to enjoy this little image of a winter storm's runoff draining into the Pacific Ocean.Photo: Seagulls IIPhoto: I never set out to photograph gatherings of seagulls.  Seagulls just often gather around water emptying into the sea, and I like to photograph water emptying into the sea.

Location: Pomponio State Beach, San Mateo County, California.
Title: "Seagulls III"

For #minimalmonday   curated by +Olivier Du Tré.  Photo: #minimalmonday   curated by +Olivier Du Tré Photo: stumpPhoto: reflecting poolPhoto: Twilight at Drake's BeachPhoto: This morning, after dropping my daughter off at kindergarten, I decided to take a drive around and see what I might find ... and I found this (Stafford Lake, Novato, CA).Photo: Silent Island, A ReflectionPhoto: For +SkySunday hosted by +Simone Linke.

A slice of coastal silence for your Sunday ...Photo: BolinasPhoto: HeronPhoto: Great Blue Heron

At China Camp State park (very low tide).  And, yes, this is a single image.  Blue herons often stay still for quite some time before nabbing their meal from the water.

Humbly submitted to #MinimalMonaday  (curated by the master of minimal ceremonies, +Olivier Du Tré) and #bwlefineart   (curated by the master of long exposure himself, +Joel Tjintjelaar).    Photo: Paper MillPhoto: I've been a fan of David Lynch's films for a very long time-- and when it was on television in the 90's, I was obsessed with Twin Peaks. I visited the famous waterfall and lodge so prominently featured in the show a few years ago. This is my tribute to that wonderfully quirky, disturbing and mysterious show ...Photo: a poet's tree ... Photo: treesPhoto: Symmetry IIPhoto: Symmetry (Revisited)Photo: The DancePhoto: #FloralFriday

a little slice of a calla lily for Floral Friday ...Photo: Dark Star IIPhoto: the flow of simplicityPhoto: #WaterfallWednesday

A contribution to +Eric Leslie 's Waterfall Wednesday theme ...

I like to think of this image as an appreciation of the carefully choreographed dance of water that a waterfall represents, a dance that has been achieved through millions of years of practice ...

Location: Cataract Falls, Mount Tamalpais State Park, Marin County, California, USAPhoto: #SacredSunday

My contribution for +Charles Lupica 's Sacred Sunday Theme. This is the same Buddha I used in the "Buddha and Moon" shot that I contributed to last week's Sacred Sunday Theme -- (https://plus.google.com/photos/108032623298499022371/albums/5643389131375429089/5658925023482521170).

Lighting provided by an inexpensive flashlight purchased from Target.Photo: symmetry IIIPhoto: Four Posts, Two Birds