44 Photos - May 2, 2010
Photo: Inspiration - on display at Pure Wine CafePhoto: OscillogramPhoto: The Nature of Things - for MomPhoto: Waveform - for Dan.Photo: Bubbles II - for CarolPhoto: for MaryPhoto: Self portrait as Che GuevaraPhoto: New Jersey - for BryanPhoto: Without the end, the beginning is nothing. Acrylic and Sharpie on canvas.Photo: Hertzsprung-Russell diagram - for BryanPhoto: Photo: Batsign - for JordanPhoto: Batsign (detail)Photo: ReefPhoto: A logo I designed for the "Taste of Columbia" festival in Columbia, Maryland. I was inspired by the shape of the state of Maryland ( for reference: http://geology.com/county-map/maryland-county-map.gif ). The final red letter of "Columbia" marks the approximate location of the city of Columbia.Photo: Highway - for AdriennePhoto: Sphenoid bonePhoto: BubblesPhoto: RitualPhoto: Hide (on wood, in gel pen, Sharpie, and ink)Photo: Peppermint NarwhalPhoto: LungsPhoto: Night and Day - on display at Pure Wine CafePhoto: Katie the catPhoto: for BryanPhoto: Improbable - for AlexPhoto: Photo: Hawaii - for JudyPhoto: For KristinePhoto: MomPhoto: Bubbles II - detailPhoto: A detail from the coffee table I made (more here: https://plus.google.com/photos/108016615512847608543/albums/5789856103283604593)Photo: Ink, broken mirror, Sharpie, and ModgePodge on wood. Text adapted from Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks):

Inside this new love, die. 

Your way begins on the other side. 

Become the sky. 

Take an axe to the prison wall. 


Walk out like someone suddenly born into color. 

Do it now. 

You're covered with thick clouds. 

Slide out the side. Die, 
and be quiet.

Quietness is the surest sign that you've died. 

Your old life was a frantic running from silence.

The speechless full moon 
comes out now.Photo: Hive - 5x7 (acrylic, enamel, and Sharpie)Photo: Circuitree - 5x7 (acrylic, enamel, and Sharpie)Photo: Lightning Bug Mandala  (doodle)Photo: Heart's Protector (doodle for Gina)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: