265 Photos - Sep 30, 2011
Photo: Billy BiggsPhoto: Steve Northover and Chris Cornu at EclipseCon 2005Photo: EclipseCon 2005Photo: Boris Bokowski at EclipseCon 2005Photo: Nick Edgar at EclipseCon 2005Photo: KIm Horne, Billy Biggs and friends at EclipseCon 2005Photo: Katherine Finker and Jim des RivieresPhoto: Father of SWT aka Steve NorthoverPhoto: Veronika Irvine, SWT QueenPhoto: Jean Michel LemieuxPhoto: Sonia Dimitrov extraordinary Eclipse Release EngineerPhoto: Lee NackmanPhoto: Kai MaetzelPhoto: Kim Moir and Sonia DimtrovPhoto: Katherine Finter and Carolyn MacleodPhoto: Silenio Quarti and Felipe Heidrich partners in SWT crimePhoto: The Kevins - MacGuire and HaalandPhoto: John Duimovich and Kent JohnsonPhoto: Silenio Quartie and Rodriggo PerrettiPhoto: Pascal Rapicault and Committer in trainingPhoto: Andrew NIeferPhoto: Sonia Dimitrov, DJ Houghton, Oleg Besedin, John Arthorne, Andrew Niefer, Tim Mok, Pascal RapicaultPhoto: Kim Moir and Sonia DimitrovPhoto: DJ Houghton, Oleg Besedin, John Arthorne, Andrew Niefer, Tim Mok, Pascal Rapicault, Kim Moir.  Jeff's going way lunch to create startup Code 9.Photo: Oisin Hurley and Mitch SoniesPhoto: Card exchange at EclipseCon 2008Photo: Denis Roy and Gunnar WagenknechtPhoto: Karl and DenisPhoto: Denis Roy with shiny hardwarePhoto: Ed Merks and Jeff McAffer.  Jeff is unbeatable at Eclipse trivia.Photo: John Cunningham and Lynn GayowskiPhoto: EclipseCon 2009Photo: Lynn Gayowski and Chris AniszczykPhoto: Ed Merks and Lynn GayowskiPhoto: Mike MillinkovichPhoto: Tracy Ragan with board of directors sashPhoto: EclipseCon 2009Photo: Dog Schaefer, Michael Scharf and Gunnar WagenknechtPhoto: Tom Watson and Pascal RapicaultPhoto: EclipseCon 2008 attendeesPhoto: Dejan GlozicPhoto: EclipseCon 2008 - Silenio Quarti in the crowdPhoto: EclipseCon 2008Photo: EclipseCon 2008 bobble headsPhoto: Olivier ThomannPhoto: Kim PetersPhoto: Dr. EvilPhoto: Steve Northover and Sam Ramji (Microsoft Open Source labs)Photo: Barb Cochrane and the Eclipse legal processPhoto: Hyatt Bar at EclipseCon 2008Photo: Karl, Denis, ? and NIckPhoto: Tom Watson, Tom Schindl, Wassim Melhem, Curtis Windatt and friendsPhoto: OMG Big bar bill!Photo: Mike Milinkovich gives out prizesPhoto: EclipseCon 2008 PMC panelPhoto: Doug Gaff, Wayne BeatonPhoto: Board meeting at EclipseCon 2009Photo: Voting bucketsPhoto: Andrew Overholt. Andrew Niefer, Dave Carver, Francis Upton, Wagenknecht, Gabriel Castro, Nick Boldt, Lynn Gayzowki and friendsPhoto: Photo: Scott Lewis heads the ECF projectPhoto: Swiss Eclipse family membersPhoto: Lynn Gayzowski and Paul WebsterPhoto: Lynn Gayowski and NIck BoldtPhoto: Looking good Eclipse familyPhoto: EclipseCon 2009Photo: Jeff Norris of Nasa AKA Best Keynote EverPhoto: Eclipse awardsPhoto: EclipseCon 2009Photo: Oisin Hurley chaired EclipseCon 2010Photo: Mik is always enthusiasticPhoto: Darin Swanson and Ian BullPhoto: EclipseCon 2009Photo: Alex BlewittPhoto: EclipseCon 2009 - remote controlled submarine prizesPhoto: EclipseCon 2009Photo: Steve Northover and Kevin McGuirePhoto: Cat at EclipseCon 2009Photo: PMC Panel at EclipseCon 2009Photo: Poker winners at EclipseCon 2009Photo: Kai MaetzelPhoto: Martin NallyPhoto: Dirk BaeumerPhoto: Philippe KriefPhoto: John WeigandPhoto: Dave ThomsonPhoto: James MoodyPhoto: Netbeans girls? Really?Photo: Tod CreaseyPhoto: Jeff McAfferPhoto: DJ HoughtonPhoto: Micheal ValentaPhoto: Mike Wilson (McQ)Photo: How to organize the build to use p2Photo: Bettting how many builds left until the release on the whiteboardPhoto: Requirements for original eclipse.org infrastructurePhoto: Original eclipse.org mailing listsPhoto: Photo: The original eclipse.org server is slashdotted.  Chaos ensures.Photo: Requirements for original eclipse.org infrastructurePhoto: List of original CVS projects to createPhoto: Photo: Original eclipse componentsPhoto: original eclipse componentsPhoto: Birthday cake that appeared in e4 photo examplesPhoto: Friends with benefitsPhoto: Itemis makes good swagPhoto: Itemis mug with key bindingsPhoto: Eclipse 3.5 M4 Splash screen - Eric Rizzo won the splash screen contestPhoto: Splash Screen Contest Eclipse 3.5M4Photo: Make a splash at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Photo: EclipseCon Exercise 2010 - EclipseSource provided the shirtsPhoto: EclipseCon Exercise 2010Photo: Photo: EclipseCon Exercise 2010Photo: Ian Bull and Elias Volanakis from EclipseSource - they sponsored EclipseCon Exercise 2010Photo: EclipseCon exercise 2010Photo: EclipseCon 2010 e4Rover contestPhoto: Mars Rover contest - EclipseCon 2010Photo: EclipseCon Exercise 2010Photo: Lego on BadgePhoto: EclipseCon Exercise 2010 - Day 1Photo: Eclipse jacketPhoto: Susan McCourt, Simon Kaegi, Bogdan Gheorge, Tom Schindl, Boris Bokowski at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Who used p2 from EclipseCon 2010 slidePhoto: Doug Schaefer and Pascal Rapicault showing that Eclipse commiters are agile at SC2011Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mike WilsonPhoto: Leapfrong team after crashing hot air balloonPhoto: Eclipse UI team in Boris's BeetlePhoto: Eclipse Callisto is released - Ottawa citizen articlePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tom Waston, Chris Anisczyck, Wassim Melhem, Brian Bauman (2011)Photo: Tom Waston, Chris Aniszczyk, Wassim Melhem, Brian Bauman (2007)Photo: Wassim Melhem, Chris Aniszczyk at Jax India 2007Photo: Chris Aniszczyk, Wassim Melhem in India (World Tour 2007)Photo: Chris Aniszczyk, Wassim Melhem riding elephant in IndiaPhoto: Chris Aniszczyk with traditional PDE leafy backgroundPhoto: Wassim Melhem with traditional leafy backgroundPhoto: Award at award winning Zurich labPhoto: Martin Aeschlimann and Chris Aniszczyk with Eclipse awardsPhoto: Nick Boldt wins a prize at EclipseCon 2006 trivia contestPhoto: Ed Merks, Nick Boldt, Marcelo PaternostroPhoto: Nick Boldt, Marcelo Paternostro, Dave Steinberg, Ed Merks, Chris Chris Aniszczyk at EclipseCon 2006Photo: Mmm chocolate fountain.  Dave Steinberg at EclipseCon 2006Photo: Kim Moir, Dave Steinberg, Chris Aniszczyk, Christian Damus, Nick Boldt, Kenn Hussey, Ed Merks, Marcelo PaternostroPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Winning Eclipse e4 teamPhoto: David GondekPhoto: David Williams wins Eclipse Lifetime achievement award at EclipseCon 2011.  He has contributed a tremendous amount to the Eclipse community.Photo: Steffen Pingel takes a nap at EclipseCon 2011.Photo: Shoe phone at EclipseCon 2011Photo: Alexandra Imrie at EclipseCon 2011Photo: Apache Hadoop keynote - Todd LipconPhoto: Amazon at EclipseCon 2011Photo: Eclipse biking shirts.  Eclipse makes us sweat.Photo: John Duimovich (IBM)and Mark Reinhold (Oracle)Photo: BIRT BertPhoto: EGit Team at EclipseCon 2011Photo: Adrian Mos at EclipseCon 2011Photo: Voting buckets at EclipseCon 2011Photo: Donald Smith and Pascal Rapicault at EclipseCon 2011.  Everybody loves p2.Photo: David Gondek talking about IBM Watson at EclipseCon 2011Photo: Mike loves OrionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Committer cards = beerPhoto: ESE 2008 Birt boothPhoto: ESE 2008 beerPhoto: ESE 2008 Beer + codePhoto: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008 - Ed Merks, Benoit and XavierPhoto: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008Photo: ESE 2008Photo: Photo: Tom Watson with NetBeans girls - EclipseCon 2006Photo: Some Ottawa IBM Eclipse committers, past and present Back row: Eric Moffatt, DJ Houghton, Silenio Quarti, Andrew Niefer, Carolyn MacLeod, Olivier Thomann, Grant Gayed; Middle Row: Dean Roberts, James, Moody, Kim Moir, John Arthorne, Micheal Valenta, Remy Suen, Mark MacDonald, Bogdan Gheorge, Felipe Heidrich; Front Row Duoug Nguyen, Jim des RivieresPhoto: PMC Panel EclipseCon2010Photo: Mars Rover programming contest at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Mars Rover programming contest at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Mars Rover lego competitionPhoto: Socrates the awesome lego robot at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Jeff Norris gives the best keynote ever at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Photo: Award winning Lars Vogel at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Award winning committers Boris Bokowski, Tom Schindl, Simon Kaegi and Paul Webster at EclipseCon 2010Photo: Lynn Gayowski repairs lego. It's all in a days work.Photo: Ian Bull during p2 tutorial at EclipseCon 2010.  Canada had just won the gold medal in Olympic hockey.Photo: Europa Build Summit September 2006 Portland, ORPhoto: Curtis Windatt, PDE Committer and KayakerPhoto: Curtis Windatt, PDE Committer in the wildPhoto: www.eclipse.org 2001, after being slashdottedPhoto: Back of www.eclipse.org, November 2001Photo: Markus Keller, , ,Dirk Bäumer, Ulrike Smid, Benno Baumgartner, Erich Gamma, Andre Weinand, ,Dani Megert, Martin Aeschlimann, ,Photo: Steve Northover and the Netbeans girlsPhoto: Eclipse ladies look goodPhoto: Eclipse Ladies > Netbeans girlsPhoto: Steve Northover in traditional garbPhoto: OTI Raleigh
— with Knut Radloff, Dave Lavin, David Tester, Rick DeNatale, Carolyn MacLeod Thompson, Bruce Hyre, Eric Smith, Philippe Krief, Lynne Kues, Scott deDeugd, Bobby Young, Randy Carroll, Charlie Surface, Ashley Woods Brooks, Patrick Mueller, Seth Fox and Brian Neal.Photo: Kim Moir stuck behind server rack, Fall 2001Photo: We put cardboard around www.eclipse.org so the cables wouldn't get bumped and bring it offline.Photo: Kim Moir and Sonia DimitrovPhoto: Michael Tiemann doing his keynote, EclipseCon 2004Photo: Grady BoochPhoto: Busy post sessions at the evening reception, EclipseCon 2004.  John Arthorne and Darin Swanson chat.Photo: Busy post sessions at the evening reception, EclipseCon 2004Photo: Bjorn Freeman-Benson introducing the next keynote address, EclipseCon 2004Photo: IBM booth in the exhibit area, EclipseCon 2004Photo: The initial Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors: Ronald Ingman, Dan Dodge, Jon Khazam, Jim Ready, Mike Rank, Michael Bechauf, Boris Kapitanski, Dave ThomsonPhoto: Skip McGaughey running the Eclipse General Member Meeting, EclipseCon 2004Photo: Erich Gamma doing his keynote with John Wiegand, EclipseCon 2004Photo: Announcement of the Eclipse Foundation, EclipseCon 2004Photo: SWT Tutorial, EclipseCon 2004Photo: EMF Book, EclipseCon 2005Photo: Photo: Simon Phipps keynote, EclipseCon 2004Photo: Simon Phipps keynote, EclipseCon 2004Photo: Gregor Kiczales doing his keynote, EclipseCon 2004Photo: Tom Watson, Remy Chi SuenPhoto: Lynn Gayowski, Wayne BeatonPhoto: EclipseCon 2007 MapPhoto: Paul WebsterPhoto: Lynn Gayowski, Ralph MuellerPhoto: Anne Jacko and ChrisPhoto: Ian Skerret and Janet CampbellPhoto: Wayne Beaton, Naci Dai, Donald SmithPhoto: Martin Aeschlimann, Tod CreaseyPhoto: Jim Des Rivieres, Kai Maetzel, Erich Gamma and ChurchillPhoto: Dirk Baeumer, Erich Gamma, Christof MartiPhoto: Erich GammaPhoto: Erich GammaPhoto: Philippe MuletPhoto: Steve Northover, John KellermanPhoto: Tim DeBoerPhoto: Jim D'DanjouPhoto: Darin SwansonPhoto: Kevin McGuirePhoto: Jim Des RivieresPhoto: Phillipe MuletPhoto: Olivier Thomann