15 Photos - Apr 11, 2008
Photo: Unusual backcheck assembly with the hooked jack and the jack springPhoto: A close-up crop.Photo: See the tiny tail on the bottom of the butt extension. This tail fits into a slot cut into the jack.Photo: Note the butts are starting to crack at the hammer stem and the butt extension tail.Photo: There was no way to have this sit in place on the sheet of paper. The jack spring is so strong it pushed the butt away from the whippenPhoto: it looks really crazy but it works really well and is surprisingly fast too!Photo: No bridle tape to worry about. The underside of the hook in the jack does this function.Photo: Rear view with the action at rest. Note the slot in the jack and the tail on the butt extensionPhoto: Rear view of action at full extension (key held down) keyboard is rocker type assemblyPhoto: Patent Stamp and action lot numbers or date of manufacture. Some of the backcheck are bent due to wear and tear. Note the hammer butt flange assembly.Photo: Have a great time adjusting these backchecks with the action in the piano..........this is the back view.Photo: The damper attachments with the lower set pin below the attachment screw. Each damper can be adjusted on the damper pedal rail by means of a set screw. Well the ones that still have a set screw.Photo: Front side view of the action at rest. Note the severe angle of the jack. The hammer is almost vertical and follows the  trajectory of a thrown hardball... almost straight at the string, angled down slightly.Photo: Front view of the action at full extension. Note the position of the jack is now correct to fit into the slot mortised into the butt. The angle of the whippen has changed allowing for the backcheck to catch the butt extension.Photo: The medallion says “ Brevet en Europl en Amerique.” Note the diagrams of the action parts in the middle of the medallion.