28 Photos - Feb 6, 2012
Photo: We set up here on Saturday.  The ice was too risky.Photo: Phillippe and Thom take a quiet moment to talkPhoto: Yeah! We have a little wind!Photo: Something is goin on up there for surePhoto: Kevin the bubble man is at it again.  Bubbles are drifting all the way along the waterfront of the park we are in.Photo: Photo: Why...look...it's a flying chicken!Photo: Doesn't Philippe look a little cold?!Photo: Something really, really is going on up there.Photo: The whole family is loving this!Photo: Photo: Only one kite?!  What was all the fuss about?Photo: Has anyone seen this guy on TV?  He left before we could get a name or a TV show namePhoto: The hellicoptor was giving rides all day long.Photo: Video: They just sat down among Donna's penquins when the helipcoptor started making noise.Video: Photo: We changed locations Sunday as the wind was predicted to to blow toward where the helicoptor was landing.Video: Photo: Photo: Mark flys his CircoflexPhoto: The chocolate coverd bacon was not as tasty as I imagined but he oreole cookies inside a freshly fried donut were pretty good.Photo: Finally a little breeze.  Too bad it was slightly turbulent.  It stopped altogether quite often.  Phillipe and Kevin flew their 200 sf Jordans.Photo: Photo: Mark Groshens walked the ice and pronounced it to be safe.  We followed across the marina.Photo: Photo: Mark Groshen's pink flamingoVideo: Mark pulls a 360 with his power kite.