96 Photos - Jul 10, 2014
Photo: Volcanic beach on StomboliPhoto: Photo: Lunar landscape on VulcanoPhoto: Photo: Volcano on StromboliPhoto: Photo: Ever-changing rock landscape on the Vulcano climbPhoto: Even more beautiful than the backdrop!Photo: View from TaorminaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Isola Bella, 600 feet below our hotel on TaorminaPhoto: It was a little scary steep, especially with the kidsPhoto: Veni, vide, vici!Photo: There's the sulfur at the top of the volcano.Photo: John led us most of the climb...Photo: Pooped, we hit the beach after climbing Vulcano...Photo: Sulfur beach at VulcanoPhoto: Watching sunrise over mainland Italy (Calabria) from hotel room terrace.Photo: Fresh pasta with artichoke cream saucePhoto: Our last night's dinner.  400+ steps above Taormina!  (we took a cab there, walked down)Photo: View inland from our hotel on LipariPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Was either her 18th or 19th plate of pasta pomodoroPhoto: Mt. EtnaPhoto: Volcano on Stomboli, puffing...Photo: Photo: Taormina plaza.  Etna always dominating the landscape.Photo: A hazy Mt. Etna puffing smokePhoto: Just olive oil, garlic, and some hot pepperPhoto: Atop Vulcano, pondering the folly of mankind?Photo: View from Taormina of NaxosPhoto: Photo: From our around-the-island taxi tour on LipariPhoto: TaorminaPhoto: One of the caves we saw on our little boat tourPhoto: Stinky sulfur at the top.  Stay upwind...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lipari's main dragPhoto: Taormina - main drag, the "Corso Umberto"Photo: LipariPhoto: Photo: Stairs down from the church in LipariPhoto: Taormina plazaPhoto: Town on LipariPhoto: Sulfur bath!  Apparently you'll smell for a full week...Photo: View of Lipari from VulcanoPhoto: Taormina - beach accessible by elevator only!Photo: Next to the church on LipariPhoto: On the way down...Photo: Notice the change in the rock...Photo: Photo: Volcanic beach on Isola VulcanoPhoto: (not the actual volcano in the background)Photo: House on posh Isola PanareaPhoto: Taormina - view from amazing public parkPhoto: Dormant pumice mine on LipariPhoto: Photo: Photo: Setting for our last meal...400 steps above Taormina, watching the sun set behind Mt. Etna.Photo: One of the Taormina duomosPhoto: Hot lava rock spa treament on the cheap.Photo: Photo: We walked all the way around the rim of VulcanoPhoto: Photo: Rental books for climbing Vulcano.  Lots of gravel to wade through...Photo: Photo: Photo: Amazing risotto made with pumpkin and salsiccia (sausage).  Look at John's mouth!Photo: Photo: Chrissy took this...(I made her stand precariously on a table)Photo: Photo: The famed Mt. EtnaPhoto: Big volcano on Stromboli.  It puffed every 12 minutes or so.Photo: Stromboli beachPhoto: Vulcano peakPhoto: Gelato everywhere...Photo: Photo: View from our hotel in TaorminaPhoto: LipariPhoto: Lava flowing from Stromboli volcanoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: I jumped off the boat! (Etna behind)Photo: Sulfur bath on Vulcano.  Very hot spa-like springs in the water too!Photo: