107 Photos - Jul 12, 2011
Photo: Sunset @ Birch Bay WA - 05/25/13Photo: The Lonely BenchPhoto: Sunset @ Birch Bay WA - 05/25/13Photo: Sunset @ Birch Bay WA - 05/25/13Photo: Sunset @ Birch Bay WA - 05/25/13Photo: St HelensPhoto: Quaaak!Photo: Photo: Running, Running, RunningPhoto: Photo: Fire Fire FirePhoto: Photo: Photo: Shot of the Stars over Detroit Lake Oregon. About 8 min exposure.Photo: Photo: So PointyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Welcome to PDX.Photo: Da Moon.Photo: Photo: Inbound FlightPhoto: Photo: Photo: Under the St. Johns Bridge.Photo: Sunset over the Columbia RiverPhoto: Almost Done.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Click, Click.Photo: Photo: Photo: Portland OregonPhoto: Photo: From the Steel Bridge lower walkway.Photo: Portland.Photo: Saturday Market on it's day off.Photo: Hawthorne Bridge.Photo: Hawlthorne Bridge LiftPhoto: Hawthorne Bridge and Downtown.Photo: Hawthorne BridgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Multnomah FallsPhoto: Horse Tail FallsPhoto: Horse Tail FallsPhoto: Bridge Of the GodsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: MossyPhoto: Beer BusPhoto: Photo: Photo: GnarlyPhoto: Photo: Sunset from Crown Point along the Columbia Gorge.Photo: Photo: SparklePhoto: Bridal Vale FallsPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Columbia Gorge from Crown Point.Photo: The Pioneer CourthousePhoto: 3rd and Washington, Portland OregonPhoto: Speaks for itself.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I have my Eye on you.Photo: RawrPhoto: Photo: Zoom Zoom.Photo: Blink BlinkPhoto: Photo: Wind in the grassPhoto: Exit OnlyPhoto: Wall of PurplePhoto: The Tree of PurplePhoto: RubyPhoto: TwinklePhoto: Winter Rose.Photo: Paradise Pier - Golden ZephyrPhoto: Mickey's Fun Wheel @ Paradise PierPhoto: LovePhoto: PeacePhoto: Can't StopPhoto: 1/19/13 - Foggy SunsetPhoto: 1/19/13 - Foggy SunsetPhoto: Photo: You looking at me?Photo: Come back here!Photo: I have you now!Photo: Wait for it...Photo: TarantulaPhoto: rawr