33 Photos - May 26, 2014
Photo: Welcome to the 7th Annual Potluck Dinner!Photo: Photo: The Potluck Committee, Grannies Sue U, Barb and Kathy (Carol S missing)Photo: Granny Sylvia-Rose arrived early.Photo: Our Organizing Committee (the blue balloon is Carol S)Photo: Granny Jane is welcomed by Granny Annette.Photo: Granny Sue H is our Grannies a Gogo Chairperson.Photo: Grannies Sue H and LynnPhoto: Blooms are Everywhere at "Bloomin Good Time Potluck."Photo: Photo: Grannies take time to decide how to spend tickets on draw items.Photo: Grannies Rany and BeverleyPhoto: The Craft TablePhoto: Getting Caught UpPhoto: Long time granny friends, Sue H and AndyPhoto: Grannies Meeting GranniesPhoto: Dinner Time - the Wraps Come OffPhoto: Grannies Kathy, Sue H and Barb are doing the last minute check of the incredible potluck donations - Sharing the Salad BowlPhoto: Dinner is served.Photo: Photo: Good Food!Photo: Photo: Photo: Grannies Annette, Anne and Linda enjoy the handcrafted blooms.Photo: What is a Granny gathering with the singing of Siya Hamba?Photo: Photo: Granny Lynn leads us in the singing of Siya Hamba.Photo: Photo: Our Great Drummer, Granny JanisPhoto: Grannies are moved by the presentations by Grannies Lynn and Susan F about their recent visits with our Gogos in Sabie, South Africa.Photo: Photo: Granny Anne, the evening's MCPhoto: Sue H wins the draw for the Wine and Chocolate Hamper!