37 Photos - Apr 20, 2013
Photo: Granny Janis labels Granny Joan.Photo: Grannies Beverley, Flo, Josie and Kathy set up the potluck table.Photo: Granny Lynn is our techie.Photo: Granny Nadine cruising the craft table set up by Granny JanisPhoto: Grannies Beverley and Flo at the craft tables.Photo: Granny Sherlyn manages the Grannies' Book Exchange.Photo: Drummer Grannies Janis and Kathy. Enjoy the wall hangings.Photo: Grannies Barb, Susan and AnnePhoto: Granny Beverley at the Grannies a Gogo Craft Table.Photo: New Grannies a Gogo Chair, Granny Sue.Photo: Granny Joan managing the Grannies a Gogo alternative gift table.Photo: We love door prizes at the Annual Potluck Dinner.Photo: Granny LynnPhoto: Grannies Marilyn and Barb arrange food for the potluck.Photo: Granny Lynda gives us the rhythm for the evening.Photo: Granny Joan displays a wonderful gift from Sitabogogo grannies.Photo: Yikes - Granny Joan is going to pin Granny Sue.Photo: Granny Annette donated a beautiful pottery bowl to Grannies a Gogo. Yes, it sold on April 19!Photo: Dinner is about to be served!Photo: Granny Lynda details the events of the evening.Photo: Grannies Beverley, Sue and Shirley are looking way too serious.Photo: All places at the 6th Annual Potluck Dinner were filled!Photo: Photo: Photo: Grannies Janis, Lynda, Lynn, Kathy, Beverley, Anne, Carol S. and Susan sing the South African National Anthem to add to the theme of the evening - a Sitabogogo Experience.Photo: The food was fantastic - Grannies know how to create best ever potluck dinners.Photo: Past chair, Granny Shirley, sports a colorful hat at the Potluck Dinner buffet.Photo: Grannies Janis and Lynda keep the beat going.Photo: Grannies Susan and Beverley in African mode.Photo: Time for dessert!!Photo: Whew - love the colorful Grannies Carol S. and Lynda.Photo: Grannies June and Nadine.Photo: Book loving Grannies get good deals at the Grannies a Gogo Book Exchange.Photo: Granny Sue H. admires the Sitobogogo handicrafts that we are so fortunate to have here in Vernon.Photo: Grannies Ann and Janis enjoy the Grannies a Gogo greeting cards.Photo: Photo: Granny Janis wins a door prize!