176 Photos - Oct 27, 2011
Photo: AlonePhoto: The ZitherPhoto: AmmusicianPhoto: Fallen StarPhoto: Beauty and the BeastPhoto: Because they're so easy to ignorePhoto: BeachbegPhoto: Behind Glass(es)Photo: Below the tablePhoto: FuturePhoto: Big BoyPhoto: The BlessedPhoto: Blind People won't seePhoto: Heating upPhoto: Carrom PlayersPhoto: CoffeePhoto: Concentrate on the red LightPhoto: Construction from BelowPhoto: Construction from the TopPhoto: Cool DownPhoto: Cotton CandyPhoto: Crossing BordersPhoto: Decay and a LoverPhoto: DelightPhoto: DepthPhoto: Diagonal LinesPhoto: DirectionsPhoto: Double CrownPhoto: Double SmilePhoto: Every Wrinkle a StoryPhoto: Excitedly UncertainPhoto: Eye of the TigerPhoto: Facebook. Friends.Photo: Not enough Vitamin B (Explanation: "Vitamin B" (B = "Beziehungen") in german is a synonym for having the right connection (relations, network, lobby) to the right people. "Hohes C" is a juice with a lot of vitamin CPhoto: FlamencoPhoto: FocussedPhoto: Gte the StreetcleanerPhoto: Getting ClosePhoto: Good Will ListeningPhoto: Gotcha!Photo: CommunicationPhoto: He won't listen!Photo: HidePhoto: Don't grow up!Photo: I KNOW where I am!Photo: I seePhoto: I was beautiful IPhoto: I was beautiful IIPhoto: I was beautiful IIIPhoto: In the CornerPhoto: Dreamy MoodPhoto: Young BoyPhoto: Tasty IIPhoto: Tasty IIPhoto: Kind of Art? ("Kunstkabinett" = "Art Gallery")Photo: LaidbackPhoto: EnjoyPhoto: Leg (Lack!) of AttentionPhoto: Good Will ListeningPhoto: Young Boy IIPhoto: Living between Church and StatePhoto: LonelyPhoto: Looking backPhoto: Mannequin's sad NightlifePhoto: Me – A SouvenirPhoto: Modern Partnership IPhoto: Modern Partnership IIPhoto: MusingPhoto: Nuns outdoor? Nun's Outdoor?Photo: Occupy Frankfurt – It says (excuse my poor english, please): "What do you think would happen here, if more people would know, what's happening here."Photo: Occupy Frankfurt – It says (excuse my poor english, please): "Poor is, who makes people poor"Photo: Occupy Frankfurt – It says (excuse my poor english, please): "Those who build high, can fall deep" The buildings in the background are bank buildings.Photo: Occupy FrankfurtPhoto: Occupy FrankfurtPhoto: Old, poor, but no debts.Photo: Oldest FriendsPhoto: One Eye openPhoto: Original German Wood ToysPhoto: Parallel UniversePhoto: PeacefulPhoto: Perfect CrimePhoto: Photographing Photographer PhotographedPhoto: I prefer the soft HelmetPhoto: Push – I stood there for at least 30 seconds, pointing my camera at her. She ignored me completely – maybe I should push ("druecken") the big button next time.Photo: reflect, verb (THINK) [formal] to think carefully, especially about possibilities and opinions  reflect, verb (RETURN) [I or T] If a surface reflects light, heat, sound, or an image, it sends the light, etc. back and does not absorb it  (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/)Photo: RemembrancePhoto: Remebrance II – I liked the contrast of the dark-skinned old spanish guys, looking kind of "back" while it was very bright behind them.Photo: ROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!Photo: Ruhe = Calmness, Dormancy, Peace, Quietness, Rest, Sedateness, SilencePhoto: Rule of ThreePhoto: SadnessPhoto: Summer SantaPhoto: Going HomePhoto: !Photo: Serious VampirePhoto: Service please!Photo: Shadow follows into LightPhoto: Sleeping to workPhoto: SmilingPhoto: MelancholiaPhoto: Smoking causes Heart DiseasesPhoto: Spanish GuyPhoto: StandbyPhoto: StorytellingPhoto: Strained Leisure TimePhoto: StreetPhoto: StreetPhoto: StreetPhoto: StreetPhoto: SubmersionPhoto: Suspensory BandagePhoto: Tame the BanksPhoto: The CriticPhoto: The Crown and the SubjectPhoto: The Drummer IPhoto: The Drummer IPhoto: Already ListeningPhoto: In securityPhoto: The LookPhoto: The MirrorPhoto: The PillowPhoto: Women and mePhoto: The BlessedPhoto: ThoughtfulPhoto: Three ElementsPhoto: An old bike in ZurichPhoto: To closePhoto: TrustPhoto: TunnelviewPhoto: Vampire? Serious?Photo: WaitingPhoto: Watcher watching watches.Photo: ?Photo: What's next?Photo: When I grow up …Photo: WaitingPhoto: Who are you?Photo: Young BoyPhoto: Young Boy's MumPhoto: Young GirlPhoto: ThoughtfulPhoto: OncePhoto: Amused in a Wheel ChairPhoto: The BikerPhoto: Entertainment made in GermanyPhoto: In the End, Life is funPhoto: Into the Light IPhoto: Into the Light IIPhoto: The LookPhoto: Perspective ViewPhoto: PinkshotPhoto: PipelinePhoto: Quo Vadis?Photo: DefiancePhoto: Tiny BikePhoto: Smart SymmetryPhoto: Stalking the GirlPhoto: SurvivorsPhoto: TunnelboyPhoto: ArrowPhoto: DesirePhoto: Fast FoodPhoto: Flowers for …Photo: GutesPhoto: Old Car IPhoto: Old Car IIPhoto: SleepwalkerPhoto: I met him in Munich and I'm still touched, looking at this photograph. I talked to him but could not understand anything, because the alcohol ruined his ability to speak clearly. But he was so nice and friendly to me and I wish him luck …Photo: TemptationPhoto: Escaping cold, cold germany … (It's all in your head)Photo: A new Star is bornPhoto: Hat over HeelsPhoto: Deaf of a SalesmanPhoto: Hey Grandma …!Photo: Built in 1896Photo: Grrrr!