8 Photos - Apr 21, 2013
Photo: Entrance of Museum of the History of Science on March 23, 2013Photo: Part of Museum of the History of Science's extensive microscope collectionPhoto: A portrait of Sir John Chardin, a 17th century jewel merchant who took a particular interest in Persian astrolabes. The portait's frame includes models of telescopes, staves, and other scientific instruments.Photo: A meteorological data log from October 1851.Photo: A north African astrolabe on display at Museum of the History of SciencePhoto: A machine capable of producing sparks with the strength of 150,000 volts. Its placard read: "The handle is used to turn the two large plate-glass discs. Friction between the rotating glass and the leather and black silk tafetta cushions generates the charge."Photo: Large, cylindrical slide rulePhoto: A mahogany medicine chest from 1820 containing ten glass bottles holding substances such as bark powder and castor oil.