11 Photos - May 1, 2013
Photo: Decent-sized smooth dogfish.Photo: If you look closely, you can see that the wire leader in the shark's mouth is not actually the one attached to the line.Photo: Amazingly, this is my wire leader from a previous cast, when it busted off the swivel. The shark had swallowed the bait... and hook... whole.Photo: Afraid that we had gut-hooked this animal, we resorted to giving the leader a tug and it came right out, hook, bait, and all.  Not only had I gotten my rig back, but it had done no internal damage to the shark.Photo: Releasing the smooth dogfish.  Thanks for bringing my hook back, buddy.Photo: One of two cownose rays we caught.  One of them was caught on the bait we recovered from the smooth dog's stomach, proving the damn things will eat anything.Photo: And then a little Carcharhinid shark showed up.Photo: As you can see, I have the wrong end of the shark under control.Photo: Turns out the little guy was a sandbar shark, likely born earlier this year.Photo: Flipping the shark on his back to put him under tonic immobility.  This way I can get the hook out without losing fingers.Photo: Hooking in the corner of the mouth is ideal, but this still beats swallowing the hook.