46 Photos - Aug 27, 2012
Photo: "With a little patience, a little luck and a great deal of passion almost anything can be accomplished!"...JeremusicPhoto: Photo: Photo: Earth, Wind and FirePhoto: my pot of gold can't be far.....Photo: Album art for my next CDPhoto: Every new day is a day to make things right....Photo: Fight the forces of evil!Photo: ...Told you so....Linux IS sexy....Photo: Photo-aeoli-kinetic sculpture - Made in FRANCE.Photo: "So this is Christmas?..."Photo: "True love knows no bounds"Photo: "Chaud devant!"Photo: Photo: Great beauty is all around, you just have to open  your eyes and see...Photo: If someone bursts your bubble, make another one...Photo: I looked up...Photo: in the heart of a CumulusPhoto: Living firePhoto: 5 below zeroPhoto: Neptune's crownPhoto: ^-^Photo: a magical momentPhoto: Scanning...Photo: FragilePhoto: The touchPhoto: the wavePhoto: EphemerePhoto: The bright sidePhoto: recently discovered in France, the sister of Wilson.....Photo: Photoaeolikinetic sculpture by JeremusicPhoto: Photo: The life-fire within....Photo: A young mother naturePhoto: Photo: Photo: The Album #jezartography  Photo: Photo: Offering you diamonds of wisdom.Photo: Photo: Experimental Flash photographyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tiggy takes a nap! That's what I call lifestyle marketing!... #caturday #jeremusic #freedom