113 Photos - Feb 21, 2012
Photo: Wave Bottom DumpPhoto: Aerolite Bottom DumpPhoto: Wave Tri axlePhoto: Wave Doubles high sidesPhoto: Wave doublesPhoto: Wave spread axle suspensionPhoto: ALBD front slope shield, steps & ladderPhoto: Aerolite Wyoming DoublesPhoto: Aerolite doublesPhoto: Aerolite doublesPhoto: Aerolite 42' spread axlePhoto: ALBD optional push bumperPhoto: ALBD push bumperPhoto: ALBD push bumperPhoto: Aerolite with side roll overPhoto: Aerolite with extended hopper sidesPhoto: ALBD with high sidesPhoto: Aerolite tri axlePhoto: Aerolite with high sidesPhoto: ALBD optional vibratorPhoto: Photo: Solid top with air operated fly-ash holesPhoto: ALBD solid top fly ash holePhoto: Wave follow trailerPhoto: Wave doublesPhoto: Wave doublesPhoto: Wave doublesPhoto: Wave doublesPhoto: Wave doubles with extended sidesPhoto: Aerolite doublesPhoto: Wave with insulated sidesPhoto: Wave insulated front and rear hopper slopesPhoto: Wave tri axle with 61" spacings, 10' 2" overall spreadPhoto: UHMW windrow deflectorPhoto: Push bumperPhoto: ALBD gates with standard cylinder protection platePhoto: ALBD rear gate cylinderPhoto: Aerolite with push bumper and red paint on steel partsPhoto: Wave with flip tarpPhoto: Wave with side extensionsPhoto: Side roll over with air flip bowsPhoto: Air flip bowsPhoto: Air flip bowsPhoto: Air flip bowsPhoto: Air flip bowsPhoto: Aerolite with 40" sidesPhoto: Aerolite low sidesPhoto: Wave with Aero EZ CoverPhoto: Wave with rear ladder, and access stepPhoto: Wave with aluminum sign board for customers safety signPhoto: Aerolite pupPhoto: Aerolite lead trailerPhoto: Aerolite pup/follow trailerPhoto: drawbarPhoto: Wave with side extensions and extended tarp housingPhoto: Wave ALBDPhoto: Wave ALBD with side extensionsPhoto: Aerolite pupPhoto: Wave ALBDPhoto: Gate pin slider barPhoto: Optional stainless steel couplerPhoto: Front cylinder protector platePhoto: UHMW seal along sides of clamshell gatePhoto: Optional Chalmers suspensionPhoto: Super heavy duty stainless couplerPhoto: Aerolite tri-axle leadPhoto: Pintle hitchPhoto: Aerolite leadPhoto: 3 axle DollyPhoto: drawbar connectionPhoto: Wyoming doublesPhoto: Aerolite spread axlePhoto: Standard rocking upper couplerPhoto: Wave with cable tarpPhoto: Wave pup with Shurlok tarpPhoto: DrawbarPhoto: Wave inside hopper with side roll over tarp bowsPhoto: Aerolite with 13 foot gate, and 69" sides, plus extensionsPhoto: Aerolite high side, with extensionsPhoto: Wave with 10" extensionsPhoto: Push bumperPhoto: Wave ALBDPhoto: Wave with side extensionsPhoto: Wave ALBDPhoto: Photo: Photo: Aerolite tri-axle bottom dumpPhoto: Aerolite ALBDPhoto: Gate pinning barPhoto: Controls for operatorPhoto: Side mounted controlsPhoto: Standard Infinitely adjustable gate controlsPhoto: Standard air tankPhoto: Windrow deflector, and optional wide based tiresPhoto: push bumperPhoto: Standard aluminum drop legs stowed in front of hopperPhoto: In cab, hard wired control box (stored for shipping)Photo: standard configuration of: filter drier, air-oiler, dual soleniod main gate valve, and safety lock valvesPhoto: front air and electrical connections and rocking upper couplerPhoto: Wave trailer on job sitePhoto: air oilers and driers mountedPhoto: Push bumper, steel parts paintedPhoto: Aero Industries cable tarpPhoto: Optional vibrator on hopperPhoto: Aerolite, with 2-speed landing gearPhoto: Wave spread axlePhoto: Aerolite, with 2-speed landing gearPhoto: Photo: Aerolite, with 2-speed landing gearPhoto: Aerolite, with 2-speed landing gearPhoto: Aerolite, with 2-speed landing gearPhoto: Aerolite, with 2-speed landing gearPhoto: